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Character substitution on Code128 symbols

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We have seen this before; character substitution on Code128 symbols (a unique situation where both one or more digits get altered including the check digit and resulting in a valid output).
Apparently in the MicroHAWK we have an additional setting known as Linear Security Level and it is set to ‘Aggressive’ by default.
According to the Help file: Linear Security Level is intended to prevent misreads. When it is set to a higher level, it requires more scan lines to decode the same result, making it more secure. 
I think we can compare this to ‘decodes before output’ as we use it on the Laser Scanners.

see attached screen shot

Setting this to ‘Normal’ or ‘Secure’ should help solve this. We have seen the same in AutoVISION/Visionscape where a customer was trying to read through shrinkwrap and a specific wrinkle caused one of the codes to be misread.
For the label shown by XXXX and the output he got, I created both symbols and put them on top of each other to look at the differences in patterns (Top-Expected data, Bottom-Received data): see attached

There are some big differences showing up, but if he is low on PPE and/or has some form of distortion in the imaging this could theoretically be what the decoder is distilling for the image…
Maybe we need to the PM and find out why the default setting is Aggressive; ‘Normal’ would seem like a better default to start with…

Is it possible to strip the last alpha character off a 11 character C128 and leave other code outputs unchanged?
Example:  ‘501113-001A’ is scanned and output is ‘501113-001’
XYZ company is reporting that they are intermittently seeing wrong data output.  They cannot reproduce the error.  Not sure if it matters, but we had to use the keyboard wedge hotfix firmware patch because of their kbw output requirements.  Example below:

  1.        The barcode should be: 01008216840580771720092410A528886.
  2.        The ID-30 reader output was: 01008216840739641720092410A528886

User-added image




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