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Common GS1 General Specification "Symbol Specification Table (SST)" Errors

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When an operator selects "GS1 General Specification" as the Application Standard, there are really two processes going on. First, the LVS-95XX software checks the print quality based on ISO/IEC 15415/15416 (that's all the grades for contrast, defects, etc.). Simultaneously, since you have told the software to expect a GS1-formatted symbol, it checks the symbol against the requirements of the GS1 standard itself, one of which is the "x-dimension", or the width of the narrowest bar or element in the symbol in thousandths of an inch or "mils". Other criteria are also included, such as barcode height, etc., depending on your symbology. Each of the 11 GS1 Symbol Specification Tables (which is one of the Application Standard drop-down menus in the Setup tab) allows certain barcode symbologies to be used, and the table has certain requirements for each symbology, often relating size as previously mentioned. Receiving a warning similar to those shown in the screenshot below is simply the software telling you that for the selected GS1 table and your symbology, your symbology did not meet those guidelines and the symbol therefore automatically fails verification. You can choose to ignore this warning by selecting the appropriate option in the third "Application Standard" drop-down menu in the Setup tab, but the software will make a note of that choice on the report for compliance reasons since you are technically non-compliant with GS1 at that point.

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