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Create Windows XP Dump file

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Install the User Mode Process Dumper (userdump) Utility

1.     Download the utility User Mode Process Dumper Version 8.1 © Microsoft Corporation.
2.     Extract the downloaded archive into a folder (C:\kktools\userdump8.1, by default).
3.     Run setup.exe from the folder:
        for Windows XP / 2003 32-bit: C:\kktools\userdump8.1\x86.
4.     In the Setup Wizard, click Next.
5.     (32-bit OS only) In the  Terminate Mode window, select Disable "Dump on Process Termination" feature and click Next .
User-added image
6.     Click  Finish and wait for the installation to complete.
7.     In the User Mode Process Dump Setup window, click No.

Get the Process Dump File

1.     Run AutoVISION and reproduce the error.
2.     When the error has occurred, Open Windows Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del).
3.     Go to the Processes tab.
User-added image
 4.     Go to View -> Select Columns.
User-added image
5.     Check PID (Process Identifier):
 User-added image
6.     Next to the Image Name – AutoVISION.exe, you will see PID.
7.     Once you have noted down the PID of the process, open Windows Command Line (Start-Run -> cmd) and navigate to the userdump.exe file by issuing the following command:
Windows 32 bit: cd /d C:\kktools\userdump8.1\x86
8.     Then issue the following command:
Userdump xxxx
where xxxx is the PID that you have noted down previously.
9.     In the C:\kktools\userdump8.1\xxx folder, you will see a PROCCESSNAME.dmp. For example, AutoVISION.dmp.
10.   Compress the dump file into a ZIP file.
11.   Upload the dump file to the FTP server.

Operating System

Windows XP

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