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Daisy Chain settings and commands to secondary scanners

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Only specific Daisy chain commands are sent while using the <K150DAISY> Command.

  1. Communications:
    • Port settings for Host and AUX in newer products are set to match the Primary. In older products this needs to be done manually.
    • Aux port is enabled and set to Daisy Chain 
    • If Daisy Chain ID is enabled in the primary then it will do so in the secondary readers and offset the ID number in increments of 1 with the primary reader being Zero
    • The PostAmble will be set to Carriage Return (CR) only in all secondary scanner even if the Primary is different.
  2. Read Cycle:
    • If Multisymbol is enabled, Multisymbol Separator characters must match in all readers and Number of Symbols must be set to number large enough to include all the symbols it may itself read plus the number of symbols that it will be expected to relay to the host or the next reader up the line.
    • Set the Primary Trigger mode to Serial Data, it will set all secondary's to the same. Then you can change it in the Primary to any trigger mode you select.
    • End of read cycle mode needs to be set to Timeout and the timeout Value in the primary set to the longest time allowed to decode all possible symbols. The Secondary scanners timeout values will be minus 20ms less then the scanner that preceded it. (Example if the Primary is set to 1 second the 1st secondary will be .98 seconds, 2nd secondary will be .96 Seconds)
  3. I/O:
    • The NOREAD Message in each secondary will be disabled. The NOREAD Messages are filled in by the primary, depending on the Multisymbol setting, and how many codes are reported. 

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