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Disable Need for Login User/Password from the VxShell or VxWorks when using telnet

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To get rid of the login request for the VxShell in MicroHAWK, you must set a flag in the Bootloader. Note *Below Example is Using an ID-30 With VCOM and Micro-Putty.
Once you know the device is connected Open Device Manager and note the COM port # for Microscan CDC Driver (COM # 15 in this example). You will need this to setup the communications in later steps. (Not needed for the ID/MV-30/40 with No VCOM)
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VCOM Setup:
1. Connect to the device using either Weblink (Open Web Browser ?Type into the Address bar) or ESP as an Ethernet/USB connection.

User-added image 
2. In the Communications setting Tree set VCOM to Enabled. (For Weblink Click the User-added image ICON and Select Advanced Settings)

User-added image
User-added image
3. Save the Settings to the unit.

Micro-Putty Setup:
1. Next Open Micro-Putty (ID/MV-20/30 Only) and select a serial connection. Use the COM port # Noted in Device Manager (COM 15) Set Baud rate to 115200K.

User-added image 
2.Click Open button and Follow Instructions Below:
  • ID/MV-20: Open a Micro-Putty connection to the VCOM port of the reader.  Reset reader, and when connection is reestablished, spam the escape key.
  • ID/MV-30: If VCOM port IS enabled, same as ID-20your, if VCOM port is NOT enabled, same as ID-40
  • ID/MV-40:  hold the escape key down on a serial connection to the UART.
User-added image
3.Once in the Bootloader, Type {p} Hit {ENTER} to print Bootloader parameters (not the same as App level boot parameters)

?User-added image
(The Red Box indicates the flags you want to change.)
4. Now Type {c} Hit {ENTER} to Change Bootloader Parameters. Continue hitting {ENTER} until reaching the Flags Parameter. Type in the HEX value exactly as seen after adding 0x20 to the total.

User-added image
(In this example the setting is 0x2200 it is changed to 0x2220)
5. Then Continue hitting {ENTER} until you see “Writing file to SPI flash ... (is 100%)”.

User-added image
6. Again, issue the command to print parameters by typing {p} Hit {ENTER} Make sure Value is changed and then Type {resetHit {ENTER} COM port will close and close out the program.

User-added image
7. Now remove power then re-apply to reboot the device and wait for the unit to fully reboot.

To Test:
Open Command Prompt and Type {telnet XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX} ("X" are the IP address of your device and in this example Hit {ENTER}

User-added image
It goes directly to a Prompt bypassing the Login and Password.

User-added image

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