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Example for connecting LVS-95XX software to a SQL database

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This is just an example; your values will be different depending on your SQL installation. Consult with you SQL administrator for assistance with setting up your environment.

Example Settings (found in LVS-95XX "Archive" tab under "Change SQL connection"):

DRIVER=SQL Server Native Client 11.0;

Detailed Explanation of each line:

DRIVER = This is the Microsoft SQL ODBC driver installed on the PC that is being used to connect to the database.

Server = This is the name of the SQL Server and the Name to the SQL instance to connect with.

Database = This is the name of the Database on that server that this LVS-95XX will use for its database. If you have more than one LVS-95XX system you will need a database for each (i.e. LVS-95XX_01, LVS-95XX_02, etc.).

Trusted_Connection = This indicates that you will not use Windows Authentication, but you will use SQL Authentication.  Your user name (UID) and password (PWD) will be defined in MS SQL Server Management Studio.

UID = This is the SQL user name that you have created on the SQL Server and assigned this user owner access to the above database.

PWD = This is the password you have created for the above UID (SQL user).
Reverting back to the local .mdb file:
After you have changed the SQL connection string on the "Archive" tab in the LVS-95XX software, the LVS-95XX will switch to the SQL database. The previous Access .mdb database is still located at C:\Users\Public\LVS-95XX.
If you would like to revert to the Access .mdb database, you must delete a registry entry that holds the current connection string (see below):
Select the "LVS-95XX" entry and delete it. Deleting this Registry key and then restarting the LVS-95XX software will result in it reconnecting to the locally-stored Access .mdb file.


Software Version

4.0.0j & later

Firmware Version

4.0.0j & later

Operating System

Windows 10;Windows 7

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