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How to Setup a Job using the LVS-75XX software

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1) Launch the 7510 software.
2) Log in using the assigned username and password, or Admin for first time setup.
3) If the system has never been calibrated, click on the Administration tab, scroll down and select Calibration. 
4) Follow the instructions to calibrate the verifier.
5) Once back at the main screen, select the radio button for Design Mode.
6) Select the Create A New Template button.
7) Enter a name for the template.
8) Select Yes for the automatic setup.
9) While in the 7510 software, switch to the label design software (ex.Bartender) and print 4-5 labels of the desired label.
10) Switch back to the 7510 software, check to see that the labels printed encompass the entire viewing window on the right side of the screen, click Show More if the entire label is not within the viewing window.
11) Check for any defects on the label appearing in the viewing window, then draw a box around the entire label ensuring there is adequate space between the edge of the label and the red line from the box being drawn.
12) Click the Next button ( >> ), a "working" message will be displayed.
13) Once the label is detected, Sectors will appear around bar codes and the entire label itself. Any sectors around bar codes will automatically grade the bar codes and the sector around the entire label will detect any blemish that may occur.
14) Click the next ( >> ) button to save the job.
15) Print labels from the label design software. Note that labels will not print until the Run has been started in the 7510 software.
16) Click Start New Run.
17) During the run of the labels, the 7510 software is grading the bar codes as well as inspecting the labels for any defects. 
18) Should a defect or a low scoring bar code be detected, the 7510 will stop the printer and trigger the alarm and will not continue to print until the Reset Alarm button is clicked. 
19) Once the labels are entirely run, click the Stop button. Note that the printer will feed one blank label ensuring that the final printed label passes through the verifier to be inspected.
20) To review any errors that might have occurred during the run, click the View Logs button.


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