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How to: Put A Company Logo in Weblink

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Procedure for Branding of WebLink

WebLink has the capability to display a custom branding logo. This logo will be shown in the splash screen, banner area, and several other places.  This document describes how to configure branding within WebLink using the brand-utility web application built into MicroHAWK readers.

Display a Custom Logo

To launch the brand-utility app:
  1. Open a web browser and entering the following URL:
Note that the IP address within the above URL will need to match the IP address of your reader.
This page will open:

Branding Utility
  1. Enable branding by checking the box:
Enable Branding
At this point, you can verify that branding is enabled in WebLink by loading it within another browser tab. You will see generic logos on the splash screen and banner.
  1. To change the logo, click the “Load a new image” button:
Load a New Image
The file open dialog is displayed.
  1. Browse and select a logo graphic file (PNG preferred). Once selected, the preview will update:
Updated Preview
  1. Refresh WebLink and partner logo will now appear in the splash screen and other places.
Loading Weblink with new Logo

Specify a URL

You can also specify a URL to launch in a new window whenever the partner logo within the banner is clicked. This URL can either launch a web page (e.g. http://www.microscan.com) or open a new email (e.g. mailto:youremail@yourcompany.com)

Weblink Header with Custom Logo
The branding information can be saved as a local file, to be loaded on other readers.

To save the configuration:
  1. Select the “Save to local branding file”.
    Save to local branding file
    This will open a file save dialog.
  2. Save the file with a meaningful filename (.json extension), for example “branding.json”.
  3. To load into another reader, open the brand-utility on THAT reader. The IP address should be different, so be sure to use that in the URL.
  4. Using the utility opened on the new camera, first enable branding, and then load the saved file by clicking the “Load an existing branding file” button.
    Load an existing branding file
  5. Repeat this procedure for any other readers requiring branding.


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