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LVS-7000 / RIMS software fails to initialize opening encoder on COM x

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Starting 7000 software, the following MFE Fatal Error appears:

"Opening encoder on COMx: FAILED"

Opening encoder on COM5 error
Starting RIMS software, the following Fatal Error appears:
"Unable to access COMx"
Unable to access COM5 error


1. Check Device Manager for proper encoder COM port:
(USB Serial Port (COMx)

Device Manager Port Listing
2. Verify that the Lvs7000.ini or Rims.ini file "EncoderPort" line matches what Device Manager reports:
3. If there is no "USB Serial Port (COMx)" line shown in device manager, check the back of the PC to ensure
that there is a known good USB cable connecting the IO-Encoder Board to any available USB port on the PC:
IO-Encoder Board showing USB and 44-pin cables
4. Other items to check:
          a) Beige 44-pin cable is securely connected to both the IO-Encoder Board, and the Power Distribution Board.
          b) Power Distribution Board has power (circuit breaker on).
          c) Encoder is connected properly and has power.
          d) Fuse is not blown.
          e) Relay is functional.
5: When you first plug in the LVS-7000 / RIMS hardware (box or cabinet) and flip the circuit breaker on, you should see a green light on each of the two blue power supplies, as well as a single green light on the Power Distribution Board (labeled “PWR.SUPPLY”).
Then, when you turn the PC on, you should hear a click from the relay on the Power Distribution Board, and two more green LED’s should light up (one next to the “PWR.SUPPLY” LED, and one at the other end of the board labeled “12V”).  (Photo of example Power Distribution Board with PC on below.)
If you don’t see the lights as mentioned above, check that the fuse on the Power Distribution Board is not blown.
6: Example Power Distribution Board, with PC on:
Example Power Distribution Board, with PC on

Operating System

Windows 7

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