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LVS7000 CPU Maxxed Out / Mfe964.exe at 99%

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LVS7000 CPU is maxxed out, and PC is unresponsive after starting a job.
"Mfe964.exe" process is at 99% in Task Manager.

Indication that an inspection is hanging up, and the system is unable to complete this inspection, or process any further inspections.

A. Try restarting the software.
B. Try soft and hard reboots of PC. 
C. Check that all camera cables at both ends are secure, no glitches in image.

If the above steps offer no resolution, open the currently failing job (without running any web) to see what inspections are taking place, as this could be a job specific issue.
   - Make note of each sector, in order, for what the inspection is, and any match conditions, etc.
   - Create a new job, jog the web, and recreate each of the sectors noted (one at a time) to see which is failing.

Once the failing inspection condition is found, take appropriate steps to resolve.  This could be any number of things, depending on the inspection.

For example, an OCR/OCV inspection sector which yields no return value, could be hung up on an improper font.  The font may be the incorrect type, may be corrupted, or may not be properly trained.  The sector could be too large (or small), or contain other graphics irrelevant to the text to be decoded. The direction selector could be wrong.

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Software Version


Operating System

Windows 7

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