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MicroHAWK dual boot ID or MV

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Process for Making a MicroHAWK ID reader Dual Boot to MV
Update Unit to Latest MicroHAWK ID Version of ID Software
1.       Make sure you have the latest version of ESP downloaded and installed on your computer. Unzip to a utility folder for easy access.
2.       Make sure you have the latest version of WebLink downloaded to your computer. Unzip to same utility folder for easy access.
3.       Upgrade the camera to the latest version of WebLink via ESP. See MicroHAWK Firmware Update Guide in the WebLink file folder for directions. The required           files will be in your utility folder.
a.       Upgrade the App first
b.       Upgrade WebLink second
4.       Reset the unit. Verify that it is running the latest software with no issues.
5.       Query the level of the Boot Loader. If you do not have at least boot loader 35-9000033- then you should upgrade this as well.
a.       The newest Boot Loader is held at Microscan on \\Moonshotn. Request it if you do not have it. (The boot loader was also attached to the email
           accompanying this process sheet.)
b.       Copy this file to a utility directory along with WebLink and ESP for easy access.
6.       To upgrade the Boot Loader, hit CTRL-B when you are in the Firmware update dialog and then navigate to the boot loader in your utility directory. Upgrade
           the Boot Loader on the camera.
8.       Verify that the camera is still functioning normally as a reader.
Update Camera to Run Machine Vision – Load Licenses, Setup CloudLink Directory, Load Vision Software, Enable Power Strobe
Load software on PC, Generate and Load Licenses to Camera.
1.       Verify that you have the latest version of AutoVISION installed on your computer.
2.       Generate MV licenses for camera based on the camera Mac Address
a.       From Bank 0, create and save AutoVISION, Verification, Visionscape
b.       From Bank 3, create and save Machine Vision and Dual Boot.
3.       Download and start FileZilla Client from Filezilla.org.
4.       Connect Filezilla to the camera with IP address, “target” and “password”.
5.       In the Remote Site directory pane (upper right), click on the sd0:0 folder, and then click on all the other subfolders to update them.
6.       Drag the new Machine Vision licenses into the /sd:0/Config/Licensing folder.
Create Web Directory and Install CloudLink Files
1.       Under sd:0, create a new directory called “http_mv” if one does not already exist.
2.       There may already be a http_MV directory. If so, use that here and throughout the rest of the procedure.
3.       Under c:\microscan\vscape\firmware\http, locate the corresponding 08000030XX_HMI.zip file.
4.       Unzip it to a subfolder in this same directory on the pc.
5.       Drag entire unzipped contents of this directory to the new /sd0:0/http_mv directory (_MV).
Install Vision Firmware
1.       Navigate to /sd0:0/Firmware/Launch directory.
2.       Drag reader .vsf file to the  /sd0:0/Firmware/BootPackages/AutoID directory
3.       Go to lower left hand Filename pane in Filezilla. Drag the current 08000030XX.SM5KER.vsf file from the PC to the camera Launch folder. Make sure it is the
           SM5KER file, and not the SM5BOOT file.
4.       Also drag a copy of this file to the /sd0:0/Firmware/BootPackages/MachineVision directory.
5.       Telnet to the camera using its IP Address. Login is “target”, password is “password”.
6.       Type in “reset” to reboot the camera.
7.       It should now come up as a Machine Vision unit.
Update Boot Parameters So That Vision Uses CloudLink Web Directory
1.       Telnet again to the camera using its IP Address, “target” and “password”.
2.       Note that you are up running vision, enter the following command typing it exactly as you see it below. This will tell MV to use the http_mv directory for
         loading CloudLink. BP_UpdateWebRootDirectory “/sd0:0/http_mv”  (or _MV).
3.       Do a BP_DumpAll command in Telnet.
4.       Near the bottom, verify that the Web Server Root entry is set to /sd0:0/http_mv (or _MV).

Enable Power Strobe
1.       If unit is a MV-30 or an MV-40, you must also enable Power Strobe.
2.       When you are booted to Machine Vision, type in the following command.
          BP_UpdateDevCapsPowerStrobe 1, “MSCANFACTUNLK”
Test CloudLink and Power Strobe
1.       Reset camera again.
2.       Connect to camera using browser.
3.       Test Power strobe functionality.
Setting up and Testing Dual Boot
1.       In Telnet, type in sbp to show the boot packages.
2.       Type in lbp # to load a specific boot package.  his should reset the device which will then boot up using the new package.
3.       Pick the Reader one. Verify that it comes up as reader.
4.       Repeat Step 3. Pick machine vision. Make sure it comes up as machine vision.
5.       If changes do not work then you have not repowered system after updating boot loader. You must repower, not reset.

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