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The customer wants to control the pharmalite by remote signal

1. Which mode do we select, continuous with Dimming or continuous with On-Off control?
[SWL] For you application, I would suggest the On-Off mode. However, you may need Visionscape to control.
2. What does Dimming mean? 
[SWL] This means you can control the light intensity.
3. Also what is the Dimming signal?
[SWL] This is a pulse train to increase or decrease the illumination.
4. For Dimming, is the power supply (3.1V-3.5V output) necessary?
[SWL] Yes, it must be within this range.
5. What is PWM Dimming?
[SWL] This is using Pulse Width Modulation to control intensity.
6. Please let us know which mode is better,  a. always on   b. control On-Off ?
[SWL] I would recommend On-Off.

7.Does the Pharmalite have dimmable LED?
[SWL] Yes. It does.
8.At verification the dimmer function is not necessary. is it right?
[SWL] Yes, you are right. Once calibration is done. You cannot change the lighting setting.
8.According to the catalog, connection is same as On-Off and Dimming.
   What is difference?  Ex.On-Off: need Visionscape, dimming: none
   Basically you mean to input the signal(0-3.1V).
To turn OFF the light, you apply a constant 0V to pin5. To turn ON the light, you apply a constant 3.3V to pin5.
To control dimming, a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal source is connected to Pin5



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