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Using the PDF Comparator in LVS-75XX software

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p by step procedure demonstrating how to use the PDF comparator in the LVS75xx application.


  •  The comparison of the LVS-7510 golden to the Master PDF file happens only at setup.
  • ScanProof compares the .BMP version of the LVS-75XX golden image created from the label during the AutoSetup process to a PDF Master artwork file selected by the user.
  • This comparison happens on only one image; the golden image taken during setup. After the comparison in ScanProof, the LVS golden image is compared to the image of every label printed.


 From the Blemish setup screen of the LVS-75XX software, the Correlate Artwork button launches the ScanProof application.

  • The LVS-7510 application goes dormant while ScanProof is performing the comparison. The ScanProof application produces a comparison report and passes it back to the LVS-7510.
  • When the ScanProof application terminates, the LVS-7510 returns to the Blemish Setup screen.
  •  A report from the ScanProof application is passed to the LVS-7510.

•       If the report is marked Fail, the LVS-7510 software notifies the user of a failed report.

•       If the report is marked Pass, the LVS-7510 allows the user to complete the Blemish setup.

Before you start….

  • Depending on the hardware configuration, please make sure you have the following versions installed in your LVS-75XX PC.
  •      LVS-75XX Internal
    • ???
  •       LVS-75XX External
    • & above
  • Copy the Microscan.ini to the following path:


Follow the steps below to use the PDF Comparator.

1.  Launch the LVS-75XX application.
User-added image

2.  Click Log In.
User-added image
3.  Click Create a NEW job.
User-added image
4.  Print 5 – 10 labels.
5.  Click  Show More to see at least 1 label with half a label on top & half a label below.
User-added image
6.  Draw Sector to setup label & click >>>.
User-added image
7.  Use Arrowkeys to move sector.  Use Control - Arrowkeys to resize sector.
User-added image
8.  Click >>> to save job.
User-added image
9.  Click Yes to proceed.
User-added image
10. Close warning dialog box.
User-added image
11. Click Edit job.
User-added image
12. Click on Blemish sector & click >>>.
User-added image
13. Click Correlate artwork.
User-added image
14. Select & open the desired pdf file.
User-added image
15. ScanProof launches & LVS-75XX application hides.
User-added image
16. Use the Rotate buttons (if necessary) to orientate the PDF image.
User-added image
17. Click TICK to confirm Master Label.
User-added image
18. Select File menu > Setup > Microscan.
User-added image
19. Click Run Inspection.
User-added image
20. Go through the list of Differences. Classify them.
User-added image
21. Click Generate Report.
User-added image
22. Select the Status & enter the necessary information.
User-added image
23. Save report.  

•        The report should be saved in the job folder

•       C:\LvsData\LVS-7500\Jobs\LVS000007A\ArtworkComparison

Keep the report with the inspection job to ensure the LVS-7510 software is able to locate the Pass report.

24. Exit ScanProof.
User-added image
25. ScanProof closes & returns to LVS-75XX application.
User-added image
26. If the ScanProof report status was Fail, redo….
User-added image
Sample Report 1
User-added image

Sample Report 2
User-added image
Sample Report 3
User-added image

Software Version and a

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