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Visionscape - Perl Scripts not visible in drop down list after inserting Custom Step or CustomVisionTool

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When a Visionscape job file is moved from one PC to another, auxiliary files are often not moved or the location of the auxiliary files may be different. This is also a problem when the scripts are moved from different versions of Visionscape. The key to understanding this situation is the "perlscr" file typically found in the "C:\Vscape\Jobs\perlmod" folder. This file is itself a Perl script and is run when a script file is added to the job. If the perlscr file has an error then the error will be displayed in the Visionscape debug window. If a script called out by the perlscr is not available then a warning message "Can't locate xxxx.pm" describing the script than cannot be found and the location where the script is expected to be will show in the debug window. There will also be an error message "Error parsing or unable to open script file C:\vscape\jobs\perlmod\perlscr". One solution to this would be to comment out the line in the perlscr file that contains the script that is missing and causing the perlscr to fail to load. The "#" symbol should be used as a comment. One other situation that may happen is that the VisionSystemStep datum "Support File Root Directory" may be incorrectly set to a path that includes the MAC of the Visionscape Smart Camera rather than the default "C:\vscape\jobs\" and should be reset to this default. So the key is to use the Visionscape debug window and ensure the perlscr file is able to be parsed correctly.

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