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What to do if your Smart Camera can ping but is invisible to AutoVISION/Visionscape.

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Possible Cause 1 - PC antivirus/firewall software blocking the camera's UDP broadcast:
The sole mechanism used by AutoVISION/Visionscape (a.k.a. AV/VS) to discover OMRON Microscan Smart Cameras is by detecting the UDP message broadcast every ~5-10 seconds. Many PC antivirus/firewall software can mistakenly block this broadcast as a potential threat.

Fix: Check your security software logs for blocked UDP broadcasts from the camera or software. If they are being blocked, disable the software to confirm this is the issue, then have your IT dept. "whitelist" the item (likely avpsvr.exe) so that it is no longer blocked in the future.

Possible Cause 2 - Camera is in Diagnostic Boot Mode:
Your camera may be in this mode if it exhibits indicator LED behaviors similar to the following:
TRIG, FAIL, TEACH, OUTPUT 1 & 2: All solid.
MODE, POWER: All solid
In normal operation when idle (not running a vision job), cameras should typically only exhibit a solid POWER LED and potentially an intermittent LINK or ACT LED:

Fix: Ensure all cable/wiring connections are undamaged and then power cycle the camera.

Possible Cause 3 - UDP Broadcast is disabled (MicroHAWK MV ONLY):
The MicroHAWK MV Smart Cameras accept a command allowing the disabling of the UDP message broadcast.

Fix: Telnet into the camera, issue the command BP_UpdateUDPAnnounce(1), then issue the command reset and allow the camera to reboot.

Possible Cause 4 - Incorrect software license (FrontRunner ONLY):
For a Smart Camera to be visible in Visionscape FrontRunner software, the camera must, at a minimum, have a Visionscape license.

Fix: Purchase the Visionscape smart camera license through your local OMRON Microscan sales contact.

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