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Addition and Subraction (Type 8 & 9) of Encoder


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I would like to know the differnece between the additon and subtraction of two encoders input (space at 180 dgreee). In this case, the final Motor[].Enctype should be chosen as type 7 (as two of the actual encoders are Type 7 and we use ACI) or Type 1?

Also how do I use another low resolution encoder as the feedback for Velocity control (Dual feedback).

So in total I have 3 encoders for a single axis. Any procedure or manual would be helpful.



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We have used two encoders for a single axis (a higer res. encoder for positioning mode, low res. for velocity mode). There two encoders are connected to two channels of ACC24E3. We used a PLC to switch the motor feedback.

Renishaw has high-precision rotary encoder that uses two reader head but outputs one compensated signal.

You will need to configure multiple Enocder Conversion Tables to process these feedback. The Motor[x].EncType does not control any function itself. You can manually set the affected parameters in PLC.

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