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Barking Motor on Settle - tuning help ?


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Integrator on project with Linear motor (Power Brick).  Uses Servo.Kbreak > 0 to get good settling in position and a filter. Works well, BUT after 4 seconds the motor "BARKS!" once... then ok.

If does not use Kbreak then no Bark but settling not as good. Suspects that the Servo.OutDb... is causing some integral windup to the point of the BARK.

Ideas, suggestions appreciated.

Attached is pdf with more details and motor setup parameters.


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I responded to this question through a different channel, but I wanted to just give a little information here. The Servo.OutDb settings were intended to be used with piezo electric motors. The following settings can sometimes help to reach the desired position faster for step and settle type applications.

Motor[x].Servo.BreakPosErr = 3 * Motor[x].InPosBand // Adjust this, I believe 3 is a decent starting point.
Motor[x].Servo.Kbreak = 2 // Adjust this, I believe 2-3 are typical values. Make sure to update Kp with it.
Motor[x].Servo.Kp = Old Value / Motor[x].Servo.Kbreak
Motor[x].Servo.OutDbOff = 0
Motor[x].Servo.OutDbOn = 0
Motor[x].Servo.OutDbSeed = 0

Alternatively, using Motor[x].Servo.BreakPosErr, with Motor[x].Servo.Kbreak=0 will prevent most servo output in this region, leaving only velocity feedback (damping) gain in affect while the motor's trajectory is stationary.

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