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Work with TURBO PMAC CLIPPER (Turbo PMAC-Eth-Lite Controller)


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Good Day!

It so happened that I had a Delta TAU Turbo PMAC-Eth-Lite Controlle controller with a set of drives (5 to be exact) in stock. I want to use it as a CNC system for a milling machine. Please tell me what documentation and programs should be considered in my case to achieve this goal? And yet, if I understand correctly, the human-machine interface will also need to be implemented on the computer itself - are there already ready-made templates for this? I will be very grateful for your answers.

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Omron Delta Tau no longer offers a CNC product for Turbo PMAC as this was discontinued several years ago.


The current CNC system (NC-16) only supports the Power PMAC family.


You can, however, still create G-code and M-code programs for Turbo PMAC as described in the “Turbo PMAC User’s Manual” in the section “Implementing a Machine-Tool Style Program” under the chapter “WRITING AND EXECUTING MOTION PROGRAMS”. You would need to provide your own HMI though.


Contact the support group for further assistance in this matter at: ODT-Support@Omron.com.

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