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I am troubleshooting an issue related to a servo motor which we use to drive a monochromator Bragg axis. At a specific range of the motion, we observe that the x-ray beam jitters possibly due to motor oscillation. The motor is driven by an external amplifier and we use power PMAC for torque control. The motion is typically carried out by executing a motion program. We first observe the issue with our data. Afterwards we jogged the motor in the questionable range and was able to narrow down on the range where we see the oscillation. The x-ray beam stabilize upon killing power to the motor. I am guessing that the motor is trying to correct its position during this range. In any case I want to plot relevant variables by gathering data. I have not used the plotting feature for gathering and also not gathered data before. Need some help for the following

#1. Determine which variables to plot
#2. What is the procedure for plotting given that I can run a trajectory from EPICS controls to execute the motion program

Thank you. 

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I found instructions on how to do gathering and plotting using IDE. The issue that I am hitting right now is that I am unable to upload the data. It is taking a long time and I think uploading does not work. Any suggestions on where to look at?

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I am assuming you are using the IDE plot tool for settings and have it open.

What firmware and IDE versions are you using? It's possible they we released far enough apart that gathered data does not upload correctly. There is a legacy mode that might be able to help if the firmware is too old for the IDE.

Firmware version is visible in the top bar of the IDE or after the command "vers" is issued in the terminal.
IDE version is visible in the top bar.

It can also help to Start Gather, Stop Gather, Upload and Plot once manually first if the gather tools is misbehaving.

What type of encoder is the motor using? Quadrature? Sinusoidal? Serial?

Plotting velocity while moving and checking if Gate3[i].Chan[j].CountError is automatically set true (after manually setting it to 0) can help diagnose encoder issues.

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@Eric. When I open "Plot" it opens up in Legacy mode. 

I have also installed version of IDE. I have both versions installed now. I have disabled the firewall from Trend security agent. For both versions with the firewall disabled, I still see the "upload data" taking a long time and not succeeding.

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