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Omron FZ-S Camera and FH series controller, Program Download required.

Vivek Sharma

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On 8/1/2022 at 7:13 AM, Vivek Sharma said:

Hi Vivek! 

I wasn't around during the FZ days, but it should be very close to the same process.

What I would recommend:

1. Plug USB keyboard and mouse into the USB ports.

2. Plug memory stick(thumb drive) into another USB port or SD card into the available slot.

3. When powered up and connected to the camera, select the Function menu-->Save to file.

4. Select System + Scene group 0 Data

5. Point the File Name: to the drive allocated for the thumb drive.  Potentially E: or M:

6. Hit Ok to save.

7. Remove thumb drive and place in PC.

8. Ensure you have appropriate FZ launcher & software simulator loaded.  

9. When launching a simulator, and connected, select the Function menu-->Load from file and select from thumb drive directory,

This should load the parameters from the FH unit into the simulator.

That's really half the battle.  You'll need images to see what's happening relative to the program. Bonus info if you need it.

Save record images:

1. Insert memory device into processor.

2. Connect to processor and navigate to the Tool menu-->System Settings. 

3. Select Logging Settings.

4. Select the "All" radio selection button.

5. Select the Save to memory + file radio button and navigate that directory to your memory drive.

6. Change logging priority to "Measurement"

7. Click Apply.

This will then record all following images to that directory until it is full.

Last part is getting images into the simulator:

Best way to do it that I've found:

When you install the software, it will create a folder called RAMDisk.

Mine is: C:\Users\mills00\Documents\OMRON FZ\RAMDisk

Put the images in there and you'll be able to select them from FZ panda in the "Image file meas." tab.

Click the Measure button to advance images.

Hope this gets you there.  


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Hello Vivek!


It is important to note that the programs are not stored in the FZ-S camera.  They are stored in your FH controller.

If you need additional resources to save and reopen your programs in the FH Simulator, you can find them at the following website in the manual.


Downloads Tab, Manual, "FH/FZ5 Series Vision System Users Manual", start with "Section 9 Saving/Loading Data"


Tad A. G. Newman

Product Manager - Machine Vision, RFID, and Precision Measurement

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I hope the previous comments have resolved the issue of downloading the program to your PC.
In addition, please pay attention to the system version of the software when you modify the program with your PC.

A program cannot be loaded on a system older than the version on which it was built.
For example, if you are using a newer version of software on your PC than the software installed in the FH controller, you will not be able to restore the edited program to the FH controller.
I would to recommend to use same versions software both FH controller and PC.

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