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What is the difference between AutoVISION and Visionscape?

Brian Keenan

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The easiest software available for basic to mid-range vision applications. Its intuitive interface guides the user to connect to a device, configure the hardware, program the job and monitor results. Jobs are fully scalable across cameras, software, industrial systems, PCs and mobile devices.

  • Simplifies common machine vision applications

  • Intuitive navigation with instant automated feedback to facilitate install, setup and use

  • Scalable to more complex applications

  • Comprehensive toolset

Note: AutoVISION runs on a simplified set of the Visionscape toolset.

An advanced application that cannot be done on AutoVISION, should move to Frontrunner which utilizes the fully-unlocked Visionscape tool suite. 


The most comprehensive machine vision software for multi-platform use and is a completely scalable, single-software package that can be used on machine vision boards, GigE solutions, and smart cameras. This means application developers only need to learn one consistent software environment, and can choose the most appropriate platform for their applications. Visionscape® machine vision software provides all of the elements required to develop and deploy machine vision applications. The software provides a point and click environment to develop, test, and install applications that can range from simple to sophisticated.

Features include:

Auto ID Tools: Decoding all standard linear barcodes, Data Matrix, and other symbols, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Verification (OCV), etc.

Image Processing Tools: Image arithmetic, image rotation and warping, binary and grayscale morphology, edge enhancement, other image filtering, etc.

Image Analysis Tools: Flaw detection, histogram analysis, blob analysis, template and pattern recognition, object location and orientation detections, etc.

Calibrated Dimensional Measurements: Variety of pre-configured measurements such as line intersection, point-to-point distance, point-to-line normal, etc.

Intellifind Tool: Geometric pattern match tool for robust pattern location and pattern recognition in noisy images; includes scale measurement.

Color Support: Color imaging, color visualization and other color tools allow color checking and identification applications. Color-based dimensional gauging applications are also possible.

Application Specific and Custom Tools: User-defined expressions and math, custom scripted vision processing tools, etc.

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