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MaxDelta Calculator?


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I have a macro loop set up. And we're having issues with very short feedback spikes. Sub 100 micro seconds. Very large spikes. Causing following error faults. We have troubleshooted it down the to the macro loop (took a while since it looked like electrical noise). 


We currently have Encoder Table MaxDelta set to 0 for all axes and the manual recommends against this, Is there an easier calculator for setting this value? We have 24 bit feedback. But the units are in LSB feedback per servo cycle. I need to translate that to counts/second basically. Is there a quick and dirty formula available as I hunt down the servo cycle time?


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On 9/19/2022 at 7:12 PM, steve.milici said:

Set the “MaxDelta” higher than your maximum “expected” counts per servo cycle.


I did some step moves at max speed to verify my calculations. Interestingly I had to set the gather mode set to Phase. My velocity seemed to be a bit higher in phase vs servo mode. The velocity would overshoot maximum allowed just long enough to cause the MaxDelta parameter to fault the axis (MaxDelta set too low).  Does this make sense? The parameter is working as expected now, but I do the the MaxDelta a bit higher than previously expected due to the velocity going way past the maximum for a very short period of time (200-300 microseconds) , causing the max counts/cycle to go way up as well.

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