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Connection between camera F430 and rslogix v17


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hello everybody

I am trying to connect a F430 vision with an old SLC 500 with rslogix v17 (does not accept importing EDS file). 

I made it with generic ethernet module like said in the manual with same parameters of assembly.

data type  Data SINT  input 102 size 320 bit / output 114 size 320 bit / configuration 1 size 0

 but  the connection is not established

 can anyone know how to do it 


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Hello oliverGuy!



Please see chapter 5 in the linked Industrial Protocol manual above.  What type of errors are you seeing?


Please try using the following:

Module Properties Report: LocalENB (ETHERNET-MODULE 1.1)

Type: ETHERNET-MODULE Generic Ethernet Module

Vendor: Allen-Bradley

Parent: LocalENB

Name: F430

Connection Parameters

Input Assembly Instance 102, Size 320 (8-bit)

Output Assembly Instance 114, Size 320 (8-bit)

Configuration Assembly Instance 1, Size 0 (8-bit)


If you need additional assistance, we may need to contact local Omron Field Application Engineering Support.


Thank you for contacting Omron on these Forums!


Tad Newman



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@Tad A. G. Newman thanks you for your answer. I did enter the same information as in the chapter 5 of the manual. but there is no communication established.

the error in Allen Bradley is 16#0204: connection request error  

I talked with a guy at Omron  tech service and he didn't know to much about f430 camera. so he was not able to answer me.

now I don't know what to do to finish my project.

thank you


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