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PVT move crashes PowerBrick with ARM


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We are unable to make a PVT move with Coord[1].SegmoveTime=0 on PowerBricks with ARM processor with firmware version 2.6.1,

The result of the start of the first PVT move (even a single motor involved, whatever the speed/duration) is a direct crash of the  powerBrick software: we have no time to see any error on the display: we lose communication, and subsequent pings fail. There is no whatchdog error on the controller, but only a hard restart solves the problem.

The issue occurs if we start our motion program from the IDE or another application. The same program works on our PowerBricks with PowerPC processors (older firmware). If we use SegMoveTIme=1, there is no crash but our program is not working properly. Indeed, we must disable SegMoveTime because we need very accurate positioning (no interpolation beween PVT segments)  with variable synchronization at some passage points.

If we reduce SegMoveTime to a very small value, our program accuracy gets better, but at some point we get RunTimeError. I attached our CPU typical load, just in case it helps.

Is this major issue known? Please suggest a solution.





pmac cpu.png

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