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Does Power PMAC have any built-in input shaping capability?

e.g. I have a significant mechanical resonance in my system that I'd like to compensate for. 

or, is there a mechanism for computing my own trajectory and using that in the servo command loop, versus the in-built move mode trajectory interpolation 


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We have a tool to remove vibration called a Trajectory Pre-Filter, sometimes referred to as vibration suppression. We used to have a demo where a linear motor had a block and spring on top. When vibration suppression was enabled, the block did not vibrate.

Typically either a Low-pass or notch filter would be used. I would recommend to start with a Low-pass.

The concept is discussed in the Power PMAC Users Manual and the tool to implement the filter in interactive position loop tuning.



There is also a way to use MATLAB to generate a trajectory, but it's much more complicated and I don't know if it would have input shaping functionality.

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Hi Eric, 

Thank you for the feedback, I will definitely look into the pre-filter tool. 

To follow up on the trajectory calculation, suppose I had computed my own trajectory offline and had an array of position targets per servo cycle...is it possible to send this to PMAC to execute?

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This is possible. You could servo the motor to a position of zero and then write a position to Motor[1].MasterPos every servo cycle. There will be a delay of one servo cycle.

I am including training slides on position following. Not everything applies when just writing to MasterPos directly. Offset/normal following mode applies, as well as the speed and acceleration limit features on the last slide.

It would be best to do this from a custom servo routine attached to Motor 0 (written in C, pshm->Motor[x].MasterPos=Value;). 

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