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I’m not sure to what you are referring but there are two software products for Power PMAC.

The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software package for PCs running Microsoft Windows operating systems. This is free software. It is used for set up and application development. You can download the latest version (and a few older ones) on the Omron website here (under the “Downloads” tab):


There is also a communication library package, the Power PMAC Development Kit (PDK, formerly the Power PMAC Component Library). This software requires purchase. This library is a collection of .Net Components and functions to be used in creating a .Net based program (HMI) that communicates to the Power PMAC. In the current version, the Communication library is part of the component library, and it is based on SSH protocol. These windowless objects include basic communication, error and unsolicited messages. Also included is Terminal, Watch, Position and Status windows. The visual studio style help and example program in VB Net and C# for VS2005, VS2008 and VS2010 environments. This is a per seat development license.

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Thank you very much for prompt reply sir..

We are developing our customize software in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, as  per requirement of our application we use the same interface.

But the library for communicating program as "PowerPmacComLib.dll" is developed in dot net program, so it can't compatible with Visual Basic 6.0 programs.

So we require support form on above library to working for vb6 applications compatible.

Kindly, support for vb6 compatible dll file for "CK3M" PMAC communication.

Thanking you in anticipation





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