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Power Brick AC AdcAmpStrobe


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I'm currently trying to set up a system with a Power Brick AC controller which is a few years old (PowerPC 460EX, firmware, and according to the software reference manual, the Gate3[0].AdcAmpStrobe value should default to $FFFFFD on the Power Brick systems. 

When it is freshly reset to factory default settings ($$$***), it seems to be doing this as expected, but as soon as I send a "BrickAC.Reset = 1" command (for example in the PowerOnResetPLC in the standard power brick template project), the Gate3[0].AdcAmpStrobe value changes through a rapid sequence of values over about half a second before settling at $800001.

If I set BrickAC.Monitor =1, the Gate3[0].AdcAmpStrobe value continuously changes, but certain digits don't change, it's always $8?4??1.  The value will change even when the write protect is enabled (Sys.WpKey = 0).

The low byte of Gate3[0].AdcAmpCtrl is not changing, only the AdcAmpStrobe part of it is changing.

Is this the expected behavior of AdcAmpStrobe, or is something malfunctioning or incorrectly configured on my unit?

Thanks for your help

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This would be expected behavior. 

During the “BrickAC.Reset” function, the ADCs are not used. The Brick will use the strobe word bits after the first bit (MSB) as control and mode bits during this process.

Setting BrickAC.Reset to 1 to start the amplifier configuration process automatically stops the amplifier monitoring process, and the monitoring process does not automatically resume when the configuration is completed. BrickAC.Monitor must be set to 1 again in the user Script application to resume the monitoring process.


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