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systemsetup.cfg download error on older firmware


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I'm having some problems downloading projects with any coordinate systems defined to a Power Brick AC with older firmware (  The IDE automatically adds the "Coord[1].SignIsDirType=0" setting to the systemsetup.cfg file, but that parameter is not supported on the older firmware, so it gives an ILLEGAL CMD error when it tries to download the systemsetup.cfg file.

For now I'm working around the problem by just not defining the coordinate system in the project and manually sending the axis definition commands, but I was wondering if there's any way to exclude certain values from being generated in the systemsetup.cfg to prevent this problem. 

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Enter the needed value in the terminal window. Then right mouse-click on the “CoordinateSystem1” page under the “Coordinate Systems” folder and select “Sync Coordinate System Settings (PMAC to PC)”. This should replace the entry in the “systemsetup.cfg” file on the next “Build and Download”.

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It successfully synced the coordinate system from the PMAC and updated the “systemsetup.cfg”, but unfortunately it is still adding the SignIsDirType line to systemsetup.cfg (with the default value of 0) when it updates it, even though that isn't a valid element of Coord[x] in this firmware version (only in firmware 2.6 and newer according to the Software Reference Manual), so it's still giving an error message when it tries to download the systemsetup.cfg to PMAC and tries to set an element that the firmware doesn't understand.

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