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Read if specific motion program is running


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My understanding is 

1. Read Coord[].ProgActive and .ProgRunning

2. If both true then read Coord[].Program.Number

3. If number matches motion program number than it is running.

Is this procedure correct? Does it work for SubPrograms?

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I was looking for something like the Coord[].Program.Number

I think if you are interested just when the program in in the run status, then it's not necessary to check the Coord[].ProgActive.
From my understanding, a program could be active but not running (in pause or step), but if it's running, it will always be active.

I'll test this later today.

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Thanks for the feedback.

It seems like even when there is no motion program running (IDE task manager says none are running) it still returns the last? motion program that was running. Curious if you observe that also.

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I've observed the same behaviour.

Actually, it's not necessary to run.
The Coord[].Program.Number returns the program assigned.

For example, if I simply command a &1b10 without running, it returns 10.

It could be a good idea check program number  only on the rising edge of the Coord[].ProgRunning.

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Coord[x].Program.Number will only return the addressed top-level program in the CS.

The following command sequence will report the currently running program (or subprogram) number in the first line (and display only one line of the program at the current program counter):

&1 list pc,1




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