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Making DownloadFile(...) / Download(...) under Windows 10 actually download a .56K file into a Turbo Clipper


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I am still working with PMAC controllers (UMAC, PMAC2-PC104, Turbo Clipper) with our in-house specific software developed under PewinPro.  We have some 250 machines in the field.

To help customers diagnose occasional problems and installing upgraded versions of our motion software, we have created a small Windows application (Borland C++ Builder 5) that allows sending commands (GetResponseEx), select a controller, and download our precompiled motion software (i.e., a .56K file).  For those systems using Windows 7 (64 as well as 32) or older (back to Windows 98 SE) all works well.

For the latest machines that use Windows 10, we use the drivers that come with PewinPro2, and we essentially duplicated the small Windows app (MinGW, wxWidgets) on the basis of the corresponding PcommServer instead of going through pcomm32.dll.  The single commands work, the controller selection works, but the file download does not.

For the file download, I tried calling
     g_idevice->DownloadFile(device, file)
as well as
     g_idevice->Download(device, file, bmacro, bmap, blog, bdnld, pbsuccess)
The program compiles, links and executes without complaint but no trace of the .56K file shows up in the controller.  The .56K file is still the one created with Pewin32Pro, not Pewin32Pro2.  For now, I take a Windows XP laptop with our original utility app to do the download when readying a machine for shipment.  Although updates to our motion program in the controller are very rare, I don't want to rely on our customers being able to also bring in an old PC for just the update exercise.

What a I missing to get DownloadFile(...) or Download(...) to do their job?

Hans-Jochen Trost

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