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  1. I am using an Omron HMI to communicate with CK3E controller through Modbus Tcp. And I just noticed that save command can only be sent from IDE. Is there any other way I can send the save command through the HMI or plc program in Ppmac? thanks,
  2. thank you for your reply. I need the parameters saved every time when I change from the HMI.
  3. It looks like only I variables are retentive. But I variables are all the motor parameters. I am using CK3E alone with an OMRON NB HMI. For a proper project, i need to use a lot of retentive variables in the program. How can i get these variables? Thanks,
  4. I just found I need to run save command in the terminal window. But how can I save the variables? M, P, Q and the data in Modbus Reference address 0x000-0x0FFF? Thanks,
  5. I tried to download the project through the menu of "build and download all program" in solution explorer. But I found from compare project after I reboot the controller which is CK3E, some configuration is missing, like globe definitions.pmh, ecatmap.pmh, prog1.pmc, and plc1.plc.
  6. This is an Ethercat G5 in position mode. The Ethercat is enabled. ECAT[0].Enable=1 and ECAT[0].MasterState=8 Now the motors are moving. I might miss one step before. But the motors are still not tuned. In the tune window there is no motor.
  7. it's The motor is not tuned. In Tune window, no motor there, motor is offline. Here is the description "Cannot determine Local IP.Cannot determine Local IP.Cannot Determine Host IP".
  8. Now I just try to manually set up the motor. At the last step, I try to jog the motor, but it won't move. "motor not moving". I have no problem setup the motor following the instruction from Omron called "Startup Guide G5-series Servo Drivers(IDEV4)" on IDE 4.1. Now I am following the user manual of PowerPMAC IDE O016-E-05, I am not able to jog the motor. What is your system setup GUI? Thanks,
  9. I set up the G5 servo and motor in IDE I got a new laptop and installed it with IDE 4.32.19. Then I cannot download the same project. I even cannot set up the motors in the same way as the old IDE.
  10. thank you Dave, this works. another question, how can i reset the fault on servo drive through PowerPMAC? Thanks,
  11. I started to learn Delta Tau recently. I have a CK3E and two R88D servo systems. i am able to run the two motors through CK3E. But I have the problem to get them to run faster. Whatever I changed the command F, like F50, F200, F1000, F10000, it looks like the speed of the motor is the same. Here is the setting in global definitions.pmh Motor[1].FatalFeLimit=0; Motor[1].AbortTa=-0.1; Motor[1].AbortTs=0; Motor[1].MaxSpeed=50000; Motor[1].JogTa=-0.1; Motor[1].JogTs=-1; Motor[1].JogSpeed=1000; Motor[1].HomeVel=1000; Coord[1].Tm=100; Coord[1].FeedTime=60000; Coord[1].MaxFeedRate=5000; Coord[1].Td=-0.1; Coord[1].Ta=-0.1; Coord[1].Ts=-1; Here is the program in Motion Programs. I just tried run motor 1. undefine all; &1; //Select C.S. #1 #1->131072X; //Assign motor 1 to X axis w/131072 counts per user unit #2->1048576Y; // Assign motor 2 to Y axis w/10000 counts per user unit OPEN PROG 1 INC; //increamental position programming mode TA80; //800 ms acceleration time TS30; //300 ms s-curve time LINEAR; //Linear move mode while(1<2) { TA80; TS30; // TM300; //3000ms move time before deceleration //Total move time is TM+TA=3800msclose // frax(x,y); F1000; // X20 Y1; x20; DWELL2000; // frax(x,y); F2000; // X-20 Y-1; x-20; DWELL2000; }
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