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  1. 中国人吧,联系我V 17611314124
  2. Power PMAC, tracking a moving object. when motion program is running,i change the motion mode from inverse. BY CHANCE,RARE,the motor cause a sudden jump !!! Dangerous. Just like there is no “pmatch”.i dont know the real reason. Help me . if i can leave a mail. lahm_wh@sina.com THX
  3. hello guys,i am doing a delta robot by using ck3e.can i get some documents for doing this.like forward and inverse algorithm. Besides that ,when i change mode from normal mode to following mode,servo jump a few position about 10 angle(360 angle 1 circle) occasionally。 I need to ues delta robot track a moving object then put it to the box. Any brothers were done this . I need help. THX
  4. can i get a new application about "using vision to track a moving object".i am using pmatch with dwell 10 ,but i find servo is not stable.
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