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  1. G-code no longer continues to run after showing 1200 lines downloaded
  2. Equipment: CK3M+1313N adopts PWM controlled laser equipment, XY linear motor, and Z-axis PFM controlled rotary server. On-site problems: When encountering a full-circle cutting, the equipment sometimes skips directly, resulting in the product not being cut completely. Motion programs found on site that did not involve cutting Open Prog 11 abs; f120; ta0; ts0 linear X290.752 Y390.316 Output11==1 dwell 0 f72; ta0; ts8 circle2 X290.752 Y390.316 I29.9997 J0.1299 Output11==0 inc linear X0 dwell 0 P3=1 while(P1 > 0){P2=1;dwell 5} Close Remote assistance testing found: The command I29.9997 J0.1299 is downloaded into the controller and run, and the circular motion of the motor is skipped directly without error and other reminders; If J0.1299 is changed to J0.12 or other values are downloaded into the controller and run, it can run out of the full circle.
  3. I have a method I don't know if it can help you, that is to write the data to be saved to "pp_custom__save.TPL" in "configuration" under the project, but you need to "fsave" before restarting, so that the variables can be saved data.
  4. wanwan

    SSH Timeout

    very thanks ,i try your suggestion but i just can't find the backup file.My firm is
  5. wanwan

    SSH Timeout

    how TO EDIT the readonly file? very thanks!
  6. wanwan

    SSH Timeout

    The default value will be restored after the power is turned on again.
  7. wanwan

    SSH Timeout

    Unfortunately, I tried the two solutions you mentioned to change the cpu101 in my hand, but the ssh parameters could not be saved.
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