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  1. Yes Steve, and that is unfortunate. Commercials told us EoE was working, so we bought KEBA drives that can only be diagnose using EoE and now I must deal with it. I have been using the CK3E for years (other PPMAC product for decade), and I didn't anticipated such troubles. Nevertheless, I followed integrated IDE link to OpenVPN using the EoE endpoint configuration (shame it exists in the IDE without a proper documentation) and the installer does not include the correct TAP-windows version for the IDE (or so it seems). The installer embeds v6 while the IDE waits for v9. I sax that, as you suggested, in the EC-Engineer documentation : https://public.acontis.com/manuals/EC-Engineer/3.6/html/additional-tools.html#eoe-endpoint-configuration And here is TAP-windows v9 link: https://swupdate.openvpn.org/community/releases/tap-windows-9.21.2.exe Once installed, the IDE (or its integration of EC-Engineer) finally founds the driver: Now I am searching for the right Master configuration for making the EoE work. I tried Ulhasfegade configuration but it doesn't work yet.
  2. Hi Ulhasfegade ! I only see your reply know, thank you. Right-cliking on System/Master0, I saw the EoE endpoint Configuration. It mentions the TAP windows you are refering too. I followed the linked and installed it but the Endpoint configuration does seem to recognize the driver. Is this step mandatory ? Or the only OpenVPN separate installation suffice to activate the EoE ? In the Master configuration, do I need to select the TAP-Windows as the network adapter ? I cannot find any information about this configuration in OMRON documentation ! Thanks again for your help !
  3. I also have trouble with KEBA KeDrives and EoE. @ulhasfegade, how did you manage ? I have a CK3E, several Beckhoff modules including a EL6601, and 3 KeDrives. As I understand, the EL6601 must be set as a swich (default configuration), but what about the drives ? Did you overwrite the drive IP addresses ? According to the documentation I could find, the master set virtual IP addresses, so I should not care about the drive IP addresses. But then, what are the drives virtual IP addresses ? It seems that it should be configured in the EL6601 as "IP range" but I cannot find such an option ! Thanks a lot for the help !
  4. I have this error message many times. We have several project on GitLab, with many branches. After almost every merge operation, the solution cannot be open anymore with this same error message: "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: url." This message is terrible, I have no idea what is going on or what I did wrong. It doesn't seem to come from the .ppproj, I compared them before and after. I guess this is some missing files, but there arn't enough details in the message. Do you know what I should be looking for ?
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