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  1. Ok, clear (I did inquire earlier about the necessity to be an employee or distributor). Will contact our distributor about the possibilities. Thank you for your effort and the simulator update.
  2. @steve.milici On July 26th I received an email from customercare@omron.com stating the issue has been resolved. I replied on August 1st by email that I still do not have access to subscribe (to anything) via the link https://automation.omron.com/en/us/omronnow/products-updates/product-launches/. No reply received until today. 1. Can you (again) poke customer care regarding my case? 2. Can you provide a status update for me regarding the Power PMAC software (and the envisioned simulator feature)? Thank you.
  3. I have resend my request to CustomerCare@Omron.com and received a confirmation. Thank you!
  4. @steve.milici Could you inform within your organization about my case (I am still interested to subscribe)?
  5. Hi Steve, Ok, thanks. I would like to subscribe to these notices, but still I do not get any response from any customer support link you shared with me. Whats going on here?
  6. Hi @steve.milici, Any update on the simulator plans? Thanks. Arend
  7. I can confirm that my situation is identical to @leandro.martins And I am also interested if there is an update regarding the simulator!
  8. @steve.milici Unfortunately I again need to come back to you on this. Also Web-Support-Americas-OMCA is not responding to my support request (send on 21/04/2023). Any remaining options?
  9. @steve.milici On April 5th I used the "Contact US" button, no response so far. Can you poke somebody at customer support?
  10. @steve.milici On March 27th I applied for a new account on the page of OmronNow (using the link you shared). I still have no access (see previous screenshot) to the exact link you shared which should bring me to "product launches". Could you look into my case? Thank you.
  11. I followed your link, successfully logged in, but then I get the following error message. At this point I am not sure where I need to register for the "appropriate group". Could you help me with this?
  12. Hi Steve, I subscribed for a 'general' news email, but I could not find the above path which you mentioned. Can you share an exact link where to subscribe to "Motion and Drives"?
  13. Hi Steve, Thanks for the swift reply. Would love to be kept up-to-date regarding this feature. Is there a (PMAC) news topic/email I can subscribe on? Thanks.
  14. A topic on this was started (now closed) in 2016, hence this new topic since things might have changed in the meantime. For early software development and testing of host and/or target controller software, is there a simulator available for Power PMAC hardware such that I am not required to have a physical PMAC controller connected (on my desk)? Any other (best) practices you can share in this area are also very much appreciated. Thank you.
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