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  1. Thanks steve.milici We actually have another control card But the problem with this control card is Return to the origin of the machine when setting (machine home) Under normal circumstances, the movement direction is to the lower left But the problem with this control card But it moves to the upper right Cause machine errors But the switch component can be moved normally Now the machine can only be used normally through commands from Flow Cut. Thanks
  2. Thanks steve.milici I used Google to find the user manual for pmac But I Used jump E51 Then put it back on the computer jump is not removed And it has not yet been connected to the pmac terminal carrier board of the machine. In the pewin command screen Key in $$$*** Will appear 「Time Out」message Thanks
  3. Thanks steve.milici I have sent this control card to the flow waterjet company in Taiwan for testing. Because this control card also came to Taiwan from Flow Waterjet Company in the United States. It has been explained that it is indeed the watchdog prompt that caused the communication error. Used E51 jump reset control card Watchdog LED no longer lights up But you just need to upgrade the firmware I will try to contact Omron in Taiwan again Thanks
  4. hello i need bin file upgrade firmware product: PMAC-PCI-Lite Motion Control Card assy :no.603657-107 card use by flow waterjet system my country is Taiwan Because of some problems that occurred debug led is red light led use jump E51 reset pmac card but window tip need upgrade firmware thanks my email:egghead841@gmail.com
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