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  1. It appears that something has changed in variable definitions, because one of my regression tests is now failing. I have a variable defined like this in my part program: global PageVariable(100); I was trying to set and check the zeroeth element of this array, but it appears that this no longer works: P349 = 1.23456; PageVariable(0) = P349;
  2. I don't think that installing new firmware/ide should require downloading everything again. I just spent a while trying to figure out what happened to my system. I did remember to download my project again, but didn't remember to download my motor/cs parameters again, so I had strange faults and limits showing up for my motors.
  3. I found the manual on the ACC-65E, but the documentation is only up to the Turbo PMAC. Could you please provide information on using this card with the Power PMAC?
  4. That is most likely the problem. I am trying to setup a debugging system. Coordinate system 2 is comprised of motors 11 through 14. My motors 1 through 4 are simulated, but I have hardware for motors 1 through 4 (ACC-24E2). It looks like motors 1 through 4 are good, but not motors 11 through 14.
  5. What are the possible reasons for getting this error: error #39: NOT READY TO RUN I was trying to start a program with &2b1r
  6. I am using a MONO program, and I just compiled with .NET 4.0. Apparently, the mono.posix.dll that I am using doesn't support this. I get this error: The runtime version supported by this application is unavailable. Using default runtime: v1.1.4322 I poked around on the net and it looks like there may be newer versions available, but not sure which to get. http://www.go-mono.com/mono-downloads/download.html I was currently using version of mono.posix.dll. Thanks for your help with this.
  7. How do I obtain the current axis position in a part program (as opposed to the current motor position). I need this to do my regression testing. I know I can do "&1p" to get the position of all axes at the terminal, but I need the position of just "X", "Y", or "Z". I need to know the Raw Position as well as the Kinematic Position effected by kinematics (scaling, rotation, etc).
  8. Is the file write protected in your project?
  9. That seems like a side-effect of the "delay" command. I don't see why they are related, and it further seems like this will throw off logic that may be looking to see if motors are in position.
  10. BoneSkier


    1. How can I tell if I am in RAPID, LINEAR, CIRCLE1, or CIRCLE2 for move mode? Coord[n].MoveMode seems to tell only part of the story. 2. How can I tell if I am using "normal k-1", "normal j-1", or "normal i-1"? 3. How can I tell if cutter comp is "CC1" (right), "CC2" (left), or "CC0" (off)?
  11. Not sure if this is your problem, but October 25, 2011 I had a similar posting. We found that the Soft Watchdog had errored (Sys.WDTFault=1). Suspect that something in my CPLC could have caused this.
  12. What is the difference between "CX" and "CPX" commands? And, why would I use one or the other?
  13. This will work: cx system "/usr/local/bin/mono /var/ftp/usrflash/Project/C\ Language/Background\ Programs/TestApplication.exe" Note that we needed the path to MONO as well as the path to the program.
  14. Could someone please explain the use of GetResponseEx versus GetResponse. There is no help on the GetResposeEx command. int GetResponseEx(char *pinstr, char *poutstr, size_t maxchars, unsigned char EchoMode,int ack) I assume it has much of the same functionality of GetResponse: Parameters: *pinstr - ptr to input string maxchars - max length of output string EchoMode - PMAC "echo" parameter which determines the format of the response *poutstr - ptr to output string Returns: 0 == OK, - == error number What do I do with the "ack" parameter? Any other differences --- when would you use one command versus the other?
  15. I'm with you on the create a directory called "PowerPmacConfigLoad" on the thumb drive. How do we create the "backup config file". Does this backup config file include all files of the solution (CPLC, Configuration, Script Global Includes, Script Kinematic Routines, Script Libraries, Motion Programs, PLC Programs)?
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