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  1. Is it possble to control “local” motors with ARM LS1021A CPU if the Acontis EtherCAT stack is used at the same time? If not ,what problems will happen? I had done some test, and it seemes that can work at an 1 kHz update rate.
  2. I'm using ACC51E with PPmac,and find lots of niose in the ADC, I want to add a low pass filter to the ADC by EncTable,and get the Sinusoidal feedback position. But how to set that?
  3. dzrong

    Frax error

    I want to control 3 axis X,Z and C move synchronously,is't possible to limit the velocity and acceleration of Axis C? For example: X10 Z20 C30
  4. What is mean " non self referenced definition"? "M1->*" is what my M1 defined in my PPMAC.
  5. dzrong

    Frax error

    Hello EveryOne, I want to control 3 axis X,Z and C move synchronously,and I want to use the frax(x,z,c) to set the feedrate, but PPMAC seems not allow to do this,so how to control the speed of the three axis after some position points had been given? Thanks
  6. Hello EveryOne, Why Synchronous M Variable not changed when program is running? The M1 always remain 0. Here is the program: N1G90M1==1 N2G1M1==2 N3F10M1==3 N4ta100M1==4 N5X30M1==5 N6Z0M1==6 N7F1M1==7 N8ta1M1==8 N9ts0M1==9 N10frax(x,z)M1==10 N11S1000M1==11 N12M3M1==12 N13X30Z0M1==13 N14X29.999Z0M1==14 N15X29.998Z0M1==15 N16X29.997Z0M1==16 N17X29.996Z0M1==17 N18X29.995Z0M1==18 N19X29.994Z0M1==19 N20X29.993Z0M1==20 N21X29.992Z0M1==21 N22X29.991Z0M1==22 N23X29.99Z0M1==23 N24X29.989Z0M1==24
  7. Hello EveryOne, Why my C axis run so slow,only 20 block per second, The unit of C is degree. Coord[1].AltFeedRate=1000000 Motor[3].MaxSpeed=1000 Coord[1].PosRollover[2]=-360 Here is the program: &1#1->1000000X-30000000 &1#2->1000000Z-30000000 &1#3->C // open prog 4 // --------------------User Code Goes Here------------------------ linear abs ta 1 ts 0 tm 1 C 0.01 C 0.02 C 0.03 C 0.04 C 0.05 C 0.06 C 0.07 C 0.08 C 0.09 C 0.1 C 0.11 C 0.12 C 0.13 C 0.14 C 0.15 C 0.16 C 0.17 C 0.18 C 0.19 C 0.2 C 0.21 C 0.22 C 0.23 C 0.24 C 0.25 C 0.26 C 0.27 C 0.28 C 0.29 C 0.3 C 0.31 C 0.32 C 0.33 C 0.34 C 0.35 C 0.36 C 0.37 C 0.38 C 0.39 C 0.4 C 0.41 C 0.42 C 0.43 C 0.44 C 0.45 C 0.46 C 0.47 C 0.48 C 0.49 C 0.5 C 0.51 C 0.52 C 0.53 C 0.54 C 0.55 C 0.56 C 0.57 C 0.58 C 0.59 C 0.6 C 0.61 C 0.62 C 0.63 C 0.64 C 0.65 C 0.66 C 0.67 C 0.68 C 0.69 C 0.7 C 0.71 C 0.72 C 0.73 C 0.74 C 0.75 C 0.76 C 0.77 C 0.78 C 0.79 C 0.8 C 0.81 C 0.82 C 0.83 C 0.84 C 0.85 C 0.86 C 0.87 C 0.88 C 0.89 C 0.9 C 0.91 C 0.92 C 0.93 C 0.94 C 0.95 C 0.96 C 0.97 C 0.98 C 0.99 C 1 close
  8. Dear CharlesP, I only think,maybe which Master of Delta Tau had done that before as what I'm doing,so we can solved the problem more simple. That's all.
  9. Hello Everyone, I'm using ACC84E with PPmac,and want to get the abs position from an Endat2.2 with incremental encoder,The type of Linear grating is LIP211,0.03125nm per count(LSB).A 36($24)-bit encoder from HEIDENHAIN. Now the position can be read correctly throw Acc84E[1].Chan[0].SerialEncDataA and Acc84E[1].Chan[0].SerialEncDataB after some setting like: Acc84E[1].SerialEncCtrl=$002003; Acc84E[1].Chan[0].SerialEncCmd =$071424; But I can't get a valid data of the RM_bit ,it's always zero even I move the motor go throw the whole trip by hand. Of course proper command codes had been send before,like: Acc84E[1].Chan[0].SerialEncCmd = $381424 Acc84E[1].Chan[0].SerialEncCmd = $421424 Because RM_bit is one bit of Acc84E[1].Chan[0].SerialEncDataC.SerialEncDataC is always zero,so RM_bit should be zero. And the ACC84E very new,should be the latest firmware to support the function. Does Anyone had using the Encoder like me? Can you give some suggestion?
  10. Do you mean I can change password by typing the new password in the "Password" space,and Connect directly,and then the new password will be auto changed?
  11. Hello EveryOne, For protecting source code reason, I want to change password of PPmac,by default is "deltatau",who can give me a complete process step by step to change the password? Thanks
  12. Hello everyone, I set i260=3, and I want to know which Extension Period is now by using a plc0. I think there is a count in TURBO PMAC which maybe 0\1\2\3, maybe it's a open memory and how can I get it? Thanks
  13. Hello, I have a big program about 1000000 block in it,and I want to download it to the PPmac, but an error:out of memory happenned.If the program size very small,everything works well. My question is that,we know PPmac have very big memory about 1G,why 30M zise block cause a "Out of memory"? Thanks.
  14. How to access Motor[2].MasterPos in the user servo program of motor 1 ? Motor[2].MasterPos can't be used directly.
  15. If the position was calcalated in the realtime routines ,is Data Structure of Mptr->MasterPos supported in the user_pid_ctrl(struct MotorData *Mptr) or user_phase(struct MotorData *Mptr)?
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