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  1. I'm an engineer, I appreciate this information. Anyhow, can we get the bootloader updated, or are we stuck with this issue on these two boards? I guess I can rig an NTP time sync for now on these two boards. Its really only a pain at this point when I need to write new data to the disk and don't want old timestamps on everything. So far that is only installing packages and init scripts but at some point we'll add logging and things like that to the system. Thanks again, KEJR Any feedback on getting the NTP up and running? We are tired of dealing with the time issue... and we're thinking on doing the same.. Thanks, Luis
  2. Anyone has been able to drive the pfm on the ACC24E3? Here is my configuration but I get no pulses - what is missing? // Power PMAC Script PLC Program Template. // The following Sample PLC PROGRAM is the standard template for creating Script PLC Programs. // Sample PLC PROGRAM // to test do: // 1) download the file // 2) type enable plc 3 // 3) type #1 out 10 and monitor the motor 1 status (should enable in open loop and send pulses.. // 3) type #1 k and follow with #1j/ and jog j+ to close the loop, move /****************************************/ close open plc 3 // --------------------User Code Goes Here------------------------ Sys.WpKey = $AAAAAAAA; Gate3[0].Chan[0].OutputMode=8 // PFM on Output Format (1) Gate3[0].Chan[0].EncCtrl=8 Gate3[0].Chan[0].TimerMode=3 Gate3[0].Chan[0].OutFlagD = 1; // enable pulse and direction outputs - phase D Gate3[0].PfmClockDiv = 5 // Control the Frequency froma 100MHz/2^5 Gate3[0].Chan[0].PfmWidth = $f // Controls the Width $f is default Gate3[0].Chan[0].OutputPol = 0 // Controls the Polarity - 0 default Gate3[0].Chan[0].PfmDirPol = 0 // Controls the Polarity of the Dir - 0 default // Gate3[0].Chan[1].PfmOutFormat=1 // lets see Sys.WpKey = 0; //Motor 1 Setup Motor[1].ServoCtrl = 1; Motor[1].PhaseCtrl = 0; Motor[1].pDac=Acc24E3[0].Chan[0].Pfm.a EncTable[1].type=1 EncTable[1].pEnc=Gate3[0].Chan[0].ServoCapt.a //EncTable[2].pEnc1=Gate3[0].Chan[0].TimeBetweenCts.a EncTable[1].index1=0 EncTable[1].index2=0 EncTable[1].index3=0 EncTable[1].MaxDelta=0 EncTable[1].ScaleFactor=1/256 // setting motor Motor[1].pEnc= EncTable[1].a // Position address Motor[1].pEnc2= EncTable[1].a // Velocity address Motor[1].Servo.Kp=40 Motor[1].Servo.Kvfb=0 Motor[1].Servo.Kvff=40 Motor[1].Servo.Ki=0.001 Motor[1].AmpFaultLevel = 0 Motor[1].pLimits=0 Motor[1].FatalFeLimit = 5000000 // large number for testing Disable PLC 3 close /****************************************/
  3. Is there an application note for the CAPI? Maybe something similar to the program command specification: ftp://support.deltatau.com/DT-USA/Power%20PMAC%20Documentation/PDFs/Software%20Reference/Power%20PMAC%20Program%20Command%20Specification%202011-01.pdf
  4. Hi, I'm trying to figure out the simplest way to write a LabView vi to allow LabView programs to send command to the Power Pmac. 1) use gpascci and connect using telnet. 2) write a vi using the C API on the host computer (i.e. a dll call). 3) write a server program on the powerPmac that is waiting for a client (socket connection) to send a command. To do option (2) we need a reference to the available C API. So far I seen s few examples and headers files but not an official API listing. Where do I find it? Any other suggestions for a simple LabView interface?
  5. laaguirre


    [quote='agovande' pid='424' dateline='1275070661'] [quote='JeffLowe' pid='423' dateline='1275068973'] [quote='rew' pid='422' dateline='1275059162'] What is PowerNC please? We are new to PPMAC, I am hoping it is an RS274 implementation. Richard [/quote] Sorry, PowerNC was just my gentle poke at the software engineers and not any real product yet. However, basic RS-274 functionality was built in from the beginning and is about as simple to implement as it was on PMAC. Most G codes are simply subroutine calls and you simply build up a motion program that has the equivalent motion script in it. What I am waiting for is the more advanced "Fanuc Macro B" emulation. [/quote] PowerNC is essentially NC - Software for Power PMAC. PowerNC was a brainchild of Jeff and it is not the official Name of any prouct in DeltaTau . We are in the process of creating Spec for the NC Software based on Power PMAC. Atul [/quote] Hi Atul, We are also very interested on this work. Thanks Luis
  6. Hi, I'm trying to install the latest IDE and I'm running into an error message that reads: Microsoft Visual Studio Shell Isolated Edition: Cannot find one or more components. Please reinstall the application. The software will finish the install but it will refuse to run displaying the same error message. Any suggestions to solve this issue will be appreciated. Thank you very much, Luis 512-984-5233
  7. I did try to use the terminal but it gives the following error: > Gate3[0].Chan[1].Atan < Gate3[0].Chan[1].Atan=6382 ; works OK > Gate3[0].Chan[1].AtanEna < Gate3[0].Chan[1].Atan=6387 ; wrong answer < stdin:9:22: error #20: ILLEGAL CMD: Gate3[0].Chan[1].AtanEna Can I write the values directly to the database somewhere inside linux? Thanks, Luis [quote='brad' pid='169' dateline='1242899462'] In the manuals section of the Power PMAC forum you will find the preliminary ACC24E3 manual. It explains how to make the setting and how to get the Sine/Cosine feedback going. Remember to proerly set the write protect structure. Right now the IDE does not do much with the Gate3 boards as the programmers just got them to test with and could not release features without testing. It is coming soon. In the meantime, in the terminal once you enter Gate3[0]. the intellisense will start working, it just does not show the Gate3. The Setup Variables screen will do nothing for Gate3 at the moment. I am not sure of the editor's state. I suggest you contact Atul Govande at Delta Tau to find out when it will be ready. As I am in Korea at the moment I can not do this for you without a big time delay. [/quote]
  8. I've beebn looking around for a way to enable the IC to perform arctangent calculations on the ACC24E3 (with sine feedback). The IDEs Set Variables tab only shows other boards like the ACC24E2A(and associated Gate1 variables). Thank you very much, Luis A. Aguirre 512-984-5233
  9. What is the password of root for the new boards: 460-CPU Firmware Thanks, Luis A. Aguirre. 512-984-5233
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