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  1. Yes, exactly. Thank you! I was unaware of the uhex.
  2. Is there a way to read a negative capture number via Mi921 into a variable in Power? If I query Mi921 = $0000fffdc66c. As a signed 32-bit, it's -145812. MacroSlaveRead 48, Mi921, M1 returns M1=2147483647, truncating the left most bit. I have tried M1 as M1->Sys.Idata[1] M1->s.user:$f8b4.0.32 M1->sys.fdata[1] M1->sys.Udata[1] M1->sys.ddata[1] as well as copying to a signed integer register or p-variable. In Turbo, this comes across fine as a negative number. Any ideas?
  3. Brad, Can you update the firmware link under the download area of this link you posted too. The firmare shown is from 2014. Thanks, Greg
  4. Working on a torque feed forward setup and was wondering if there is a structure built in at the motor level for desired accel (similar to despos or desvel) that could be used in the algorithm. Currently using desired.accel at the trajectory level causes issues with the CS segmentation time causing the signal not to be smooth. I know it can be calculated easily every servo cycle, but was hoping there is a more elegant way.....possibly a structure in a later firmware?
  5. We are trying to implement a user algo... I followed the user manual on user written servo routines. 1) Algo is written using ptr->P[] for P-variable access 2) From Solution explorer, right clicked on Realtime routines and selected user servo setup and assigned my open servo to Motor[11] 3) Built and down loaded program and ran it. But Motor[11].Ctrl = Sys.ServoCtrl is not pointing at UserAlgo.ServoCtrlAddr[1] And in fact UserAlgo.ServoCtrlAddr[0]=$0 UserAlgo.ServoCtrlAddr[1]=$0 UserAlgo.ServoCtrlAddr[2]=$0 Checked the ../bin/debug directory and a new usralgo.ko with the current time exists But Motor[11].Ctrl = Sys.ServoCtrl and it can't be set to UserAlgo.ServoCtrlAddr[0] How and where do we assign the address of our user program to UserAlgo. ServoCtrlAddr[x]? And How and where do we assign Motor[11].Ctrl = UserAlgo. ServoCtrlAddr[x]? What are we missing?
  6. Thanks Richard. Does the last command value (and command/status word) transferred prior to watchdog remain in the node, but rely on the heartbeat settings of the node (Mi8,Mi9,Mi10) to shut down the motor? The last question about passing data through the PMAC would be useful if we had a redundant PMAC on the ring.
  7. The User Manual says “The processor stops operating and will not communicate. All Servo, MACRO, and I/O IC’s are forced into their reset states, which force discrete outputs off, and proportional outputs (DAC, PWN, PFM) to zero-level.” Does this mean: - The PMAC card will immediately send out commands onto the ring to disable all amplifiers and to set all command values to zero? - The PMAC card, after the reset commands, will not continue to send out any data on the MACRO ring? - The PMAC card, after the reset, will continuously send out the reset states (disable all amplifiers and set all command values to zero) on the MACRO ring? - The amplifiers we have attached to the MACRO ring immediately shut down if they do not receive MACRO commands addressed to the particular amplifier within each millisecond; should I expect the amplifiers to shut down because of not receiving commands? - Will the PMAC card pass MACRO commands through that were generated by another device on the ring?
  8. Is there a method for converting Turbo Ix91 to Motor[x].AbsPhasePosFormat? I don't see the ability to offset or invert the hall sensors as Ix91 did.
  9. [quote='KEJR' pid='1798' dateline='1303843090'] *** This problem is finally solved.*** While homing I disable the copley drive limits over the Macro link using a MacroSlave command to modify the Copley drive's input parameters. Once homing is done I re-assign the drive limit inputs to function as limit inputs once again and all is well. [/quote] KEJR, You can also set bit 2 of ms(node),I$4AF in the Copley to not affect current output on limit switch. You can avoid the temporary remap this way. G
  10. Brian, Thanks for the reply, that's some good input. If you have some basic VI's I could look at it would be much appreciated. I'm just trying to read and set some m,p, and I vars via a cRio over ethernet. Greg
  11. Does anyone know if the PMAC PANEL PRO2 functions with the latest Labview 2010 running on XP.
  12. Hi Charles: These are the axis definitions: &1 #1->20000X #2->4000Y The customer has a UMAC system with FW1.945. I confirmed the findings with a macro test setup I have on my desk....also running FW1.945. There are no plc's running (I5=0), no kinematics buffer or calc's(I5150=0) and no motion programs present on my setup. Sending X=0 from latest PEWINPRO2 terminal sets both axes to 0, and an offset is placed into suggested m164 and m264. Sending Z=0 does the same thing even though there is no Z-Axis defined in the C.S. Best Regards, Greg
  13. We seem to be having and issue with the On-Line {axis}={constant} command. Rather than using a program PSET, or writing directly to default Mx64 a customer wants to set his axis positions before hand using this method. When a x=0 command is issued in the terminal, all axes are set to zero instead of just the X-axis. Does this command imply that all other axes in the CS are = 0 is they are not entered?
  14. Is there a method to set a saved data structure value back to factory default without resetting the whole pmac? something like: I 111=*; or Motor[1].FatalFeLimit=*; do not function at this point and would be a good addition.
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