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  1. I have several PMAC(1)s that I want to upgrade firmware on. The processor is a PMAC Universal CPU with OPT-16, so they have a battery. When I try to put them in bootstrap mode, installing J4 on the CPU board, nothing happens. PEWIN 32 Pro2 just starts to communicate and does not recognize the jumper is on. All the firmware upgrade documents say this is the procedure. How do I upgrade the firmware?
  2. We have someone considering the use of the Power PMAC Development Kit. Is there any documentation or Power Point slides on what this consists of?
  3. I am setting up a PPMAC Etherlite with MACRO. I want to read an absolute position value from a Copley Xenus Plus drive with a Sanyo Denki absolute encoder. When I read MI920 over MACRO I get the same value as I see in the Drive software. I can't figure out how to set the position values. Here is how it is set now and what the results are: #1p 259210 ( the same as I read in the position window. ) macroslave0,i920 $0000043bf48a (the same as I read in the Copley software) //MACRO Communication Setup // // Xenus Plus MACRO Drive, XML-230-18 // Gate3[0].MacroEnableA=$0FC00100; // Activate 1 Servo Nodes and 0 IO Nodes of MACRO A Gate3[0].MacroModeA=$403000; // Set MACRO A as master Macro.TestPeriod=20; // MACRO Ring Check Period [msec] (Related to I80 in Turbo) Macro.TestMaxErrors=Macro.TestPeriod/10; // MACRO Maximum Ring Error Count (Related to I81 in Turbo) Macro.TestReqdSynchs=Macro.TestPeriod - Macro.TestMaxErrors; // MACRO Minimum Sync Packet Count // (Related to I82 in Turbo) // //Motor 1 Setup // // Sanyo Denki R2AA06040FXP00M // Motor[1].ServoCtrl = 1 //I100=1 Motor[1].AmpFaultLevel = 1 Motor[1].AbsPosFormat= $3320 Motor[1].pAbsPos=Acc5EP3[0].MacroInA[0][0].a
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