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  1. I was wondering how you guys add the range of IP addresses to the hosts file at boot time. I would like to modify that script to add another range or change the range that is used to fit our network structure. Thanks, Scott Sheline
  2. I tried that as well and it actually uses more memory per function call than opening and closing the library for each call (approx 80MB). I'm going to give telnet a shot. It night work out better if I can get the connection figured out. Thanks, Scott
  3. Rick, I have been fighting with the Telnet solution and can connect but all I get back is a bunch of gibberish and I cant seem to send any commands. I've tried a number of different connection schemes but can't get anywhere with it. Could you send me an example of how you do your connection? Thanks, Scott
  4. Yeah, that was where I started. Maybe Mono and xsp2 don't like the web service side of things. I'm looking into a telnet option too so maybe that will prove to be more fruitful. Thanks for digging into it.
  5. I am trying to do something like this and I can't get it to work either. Did you ever find a solution?
  6. I am trying to develop an HMI using VB.Net and have written a webservice that resides on the PPmac to call methods from the C library "libppmac.so" from a remote web application. What appears to be happening is that when I call a method (from a web app or directly from the service) the amount of memory used by the service increases. After a while the C library cannot initialize. Here is how I have written the calls: P/Invoke statements to call the C function from the library: Friend Declare Function _InitLibrary Lib "libppmac" Alias "InitLibrary" () As Integer Friend Declare Sub _CloseLibrary Lib "libppmac" Alias "CloseLibrary" () Friend Declare Ansi Function _GetResponse Lib "libppmac" Alias "GetResponse" ( ByVal q As String, ByVal a As StringBuilder, ByVal maxlen As Int32, ByVal echomode As [Byte]) As Integer Web service method: _ Public Function GetResponse(ByVal command As String, ByVal echomode As [Byte]) As String Dim myresponse As New StringBuilder("A", 4096) Dim mystatus As Integer Dim initstatus initstatus = _InitLibrary() If initstatus = 0 Then mystatus = _GetResponse(command, myresponse, 255, echomode) Else Return "Library did not initalize" End If _CloseLibrary() If mystatus = 0 Then Return myresponse.ToString Else Return GetErrorStr(Math.Abs(mystatus)) End If End Function I ran one test where all I did was call InitLibrary() and CloseLibrary() and still had the same issue. I will admit that calling unmanaged code from managed code is new to me so I may just be missing something really simple but I can't figure out what it is. Could I not be closing the library properly? Thanks. Update: The same thing will happen if I use The attribute instead of the P/Invoke method above and each call consumes approx 16M of memory.
  7. I am new to the world on Delta Tau and have been charged with writing an HMI in VB.NET. I have decided to run a web service on the PPmac and call the web service function from a separate web application. What is giving me grief is that I am unable to find documentation for available functions written for the PPmac. I have been able to use "InitLibrary()", "CloseLibrary()", and "GetResponse()" so far, but I only know they exist from reading this forum. It there documentation in the installed Delta Tau IDE that I am missing or do I just have to reference them all in a project and use the object browser in Visual Studio?
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