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  1. Will PMAC Executive allow those to be entered in that format? I have found that my NEW servo valve (Proportion-Air QB1TFEE080) works well with no air. 0.085VDC with command OFF and 2.935 VDC with command ON. When I turn air ON, and the command is OFF the cutter lowers and there is 1.250 VDC to the valve. I think it is the resistance of the servo coil that is biting me. The original valve I was using is an SMC VY1100-102-FGN The overall resistance in the valves 3 wires is extremely different. That is why I would like to try to adjust the offset for that axis. Hope I am explaining it well enough for you to help me.
  2. Like motor 5 gain (I believe) would be I530 using PMAC Executive. I529 would be the DAC Offset. I guess I Variable would be the better definition.
  3. Is there a specific I Value for that DacBias That I can adjust?
  4. I have an axis that is being used as an analog output. It is used to operate a pneumatic servo 0-10VDC. At rest the channel outputs .950VDC. Is there an I-Variable that I can adjust to get the value to Zero? I am trying to upgrade the servo valve and the new valve is much more sensitive where .950VDC actuates the valve where it did not on the old style valve. Can you help me figure a way to lower my output value?
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