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  1. Also see the full description of "Gate3.SerialEncCtrl" in the "Power PMAC Software Reference Manual": "http://forums.deltatau.com/filedepot/download.php?f=Power PMAC/Manuals/Power PMAC Software Reference Manual.pdf" Thank you for feedbcak, SSI encoder clock frequency is 1Mhz 1=100/(M+1)X2^N where N=0; so (M+1)=100; M=99; the hex value is 63 Clipper[0].SerialEncCtrl=$63010002; while I am writing this , The controller not accepting this value.
  2. Dear All I am Interfacing SSI FEED back to Power clipper, In user manual given a formulae SSI=100Mhz/(M+1)X2^N Can You Explain me what is M? and N? They given Example of EnDat, I need to Interface SSI to Clipper.
  3. Dear Sir, Did you got solution,? for this me also issuing save cmd issue.
  4. Thank you for info, But in my case i have to use system setup for configuration I do not know whether system setup doing problem motor behaving like dangerously.
  5. Dear Sir, I am Saving my program into controller, but it does not shown error but the program is not saving into controller. although I did controller into factory reset , Device: CK3E Firmware : IDE Firmware: :
  6. Hi Did you got solution for this, me also facing same problem but with CK3E controller, Motor behaving vert abnormally, while issue save command, it shows saved successfully, after rebooting that was older taking older values.
  7. Thank you for help, yes i am rebooting all salves and master, can write me a while loop for plc...? the ethercat link between drive and controller is not happening,
  8. Thank you for help, yes i am rebooting all salves and master, can write me a while loop for plc...?
  9. Hello... Did you got this sollution...? thank you sir, got sollution
  10. Good morning all...! when i rebooting controller (power brick) the ecat is not estblishing. when i reset $$$ through command the controller communicating with slaves. can you help me out of this
  11. Hello... Did you got this sollution...?
  12. Hi... Please find attached image , here is i am facing a problem while downloading a pgm,
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