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  1. オムロン代表 ご協力ありがとうございました。 Pcommserver.exe について質問があります。 Windows 10(LTSC Enterprise)とUMAC Turboシステムを使用しています。 その経緯を説明しましょう。 VB6.0 を使用するアプリケーション (1) と C# を使用するアプリケーション (2) があるとします。 (1)は、Pcommserver.exeを使用して開き、UMACターボと正常に通信できる状態です。 このとき、UMAC変数は (たとえば、P8191)にあります。 この状態では、(2) は Pcommserver.exe を使用して UMAC Turbo を開き、正常に接続します。 コミュニケーションの準備をします。次に、Pcommserver.exe を切断します。 このとき、 (1)は実行時エラー「462」ですリモートサーバーが存在しないか、使用できません。 ポップアップ画面が表示されます。 アプリケーションを再起動すると(1)、接続できるようになります。 質問 Pcommserver.exe が別のアプリケーションから切断された場合, 切断されたアプリケーション内で接続を再確立して開くには: どうすればよいですか?(可能な場合) または Pcommserver.exeが別のアプリケーション で切断される原因となるプロセス自体 悪くないですか? 補足) Pcommserver.exeを切断すると、PeWin32Pro2の通信も切断されます。 以上です、ありがとうございました。
  2. オムロン 代表 はじめまして。 私はPcommserver .exeについて質問があります。 PeWin32Pro2をWindows 10(LTSC Enterprise)にインストールして使用しています。 私は1台のPCでpcommserver.exeを使用して複数のアプリケーションを実行しています。 時々、以下のポップアップ画面が表示されますが、この画面の原因は何でしょうか? 「部品は利用できません。 別のアプリケーションがサーバーを使用しているため、この操作を完了できません。 続行するには、[切り替えて他のアプリケーションを閉じてください。』」 という画面が表示された場合、Pcommserver.exeとの通信は失われますか? PeWin32 Pro 2のアクティベーションは行っておりません。 連続運転では必ず30日に1回通信異常が発生します。 具体的には、アプリケーション (VB6.0) が Pcommserver.exe から受信したデータを変換しようとすると、オーバーフロー (ランタイム エラー = 6) が発生します。 ポップアップ画面と関係がありますか? PeWin32Pro2のアクティベーションを行っていないことと関係があるのでしょうか? Pcommserver.exe は管理者特権で実行されます。アクセス許可も完全に制御されます。互換性はWindows XP SP2に設定されています。
  3. → I understand the contents of the manual. Contact OMRON to order the product. I am sorry to ask you many times Something like a software library with sample code in VB6.0 Is it sold separately? About the current problem I can download using PCOMMSRVER.Lib, but when I try to execute Upload * The error "Compile error; user-defined type cannot be passed byVal" occurs. The cause cannot be determined. (At VB6.0) The sample code tested is as follows. <<< Module1.bas >>> Option Explicit Public PmacDoc As New PCOMMSERVERLib.PmacDevice Public Dummy As DEVUPLOAD Public dwDevice As Long <<< Form1.frm >>> Option Explicit Dim status As Boolean Private Sub Command1_Click () Call PmacDoc.SelectDevice (CLng (Form1.hWnd), dwDevice, status) Call PmacDoc.Open (dwDevice, status) Dummy.ivar = True '// Problem occurs here (↓) Call PmacDoc.Upload (dwDevice, Dummy, "C:\test.cfg", status) End Sub that's all, thank you very much.
  4. → Delta Tau Person in charge Thank you for your help. "UPLOAD PMAC CONFIGURATION" There is no such section in this manual. Where can I get the manual? The PCommServerLib software has been officially purchased in the past. Software assets developed in VB6.0 and older languages You need to migrate to Pcommserver. Please give me advice.
  5. Delta Tau Person in charge Thank you for your help. I have a question about PCOMMSERVERLib. VB6.0 is used for the development environment. I want to back up data such as PLC, Motion, I, P, Q, M-define like Backup-config of PeWin32Pro2. 1. Specify the file path 2. Set the item to upload (Motion, PLC, etc.) 3. Execute Upload function Is it possible to back up data by such a simple process? Is there some simple sample code that uses the Upload function? (For VB6.0)
  6. Delta Tau Person in charge Thank you for your help. There is software (VB6.0) using PTalkDT.ocx on old PC (Windows2000 or XP). This time, OS was updated to Windows10 (32bit or 64bit). Does Pcomm32w.dll have the same function as "UploadData" of PTalkDT.ocx used in software (VB6.0)? I want to upload PMAC internal data (Gather) with software (VB6.0) and save it to a file. Please introduce any manuals you refer to. that's all, thank you very much.
  7. Delta Tau Responsible I have a question about UmacTurbo (non-Power). ■ ACC24E2A board ・ CH1 is not used (reserved) ・ CH2 is used ・ CH3 is used ・ CH4 is used ・ I7216 = 0 (Default) ・ I7226 = 3 ・ I7236 = 3 ・ I7246 = 3 ・ I100 = 0 (Disable) ・ I200 = 1 ・ I300 = 1 ・ I400 = 1 ■ Symptoms cmd "2j/" was executed, but #2 did not servo lock. Deviation anomaly also occurred. ■ Measures Changed the setting of #1. ・ I7216 = 0 (Default) ⇒ 3 ■ Result Servo lock of #2 has been completed. The motor now works. ■ Question I7mn6 must be set even for unused axes do you have? There is a description in the manual so that it can be set for each servo IC and CH. Thank you.
  8. Deltattau Hello, support staff Thank you for your help. In the system of UMAC Turbo, there is a question about communication abnormality of ACC72E. Symptom: The LED (D2) of the ACC72E board goes out. The LED of the ACC24E2A board turns off. ※Additional Information ACC72E is a slave setting. It is connected to the PLC master unit (Mitsubishi), and the NS LED of the master unit blinks. D1-A: OFF D1-B: On D1-C: On D1-D: OFF D2-A: OFF D2-B: OFF D2-C: OFF D2-D: OFF Looking at the manual, the LED status of ACC72E is unknown abnormality, breakdown, occurrence of power failure That is the cause. Confirmation of power supply and cable length and terminating resistance has already been performed. At the same time I found the next problem. All the LEDs on the ACC24E2A board were off. (PWR, ENC 1, 2 AENA 1, 2 etc) If there is a problem with the ACC72E hardware, will the watchdog relay trip? Also, even if there is a problem with the board other than ACC72E, the watchdog relay trip Is there a possibility of occurrence? There is no information from the work site as to whether the watchdog relay is triping. Please tell me if you have knowledge of past cases and countermeasures against these problems. that's all, thank you very much.
  9. Thank you very much for your answer. I worked while seeing a manual. netX Configuration Tool was installed in a PC and the setting was confirmed. MAC ID wasn't assumed "1". (It was "2".) After correcting the price, it was downloaded. You could communicate now with empty normality after that. Thank you very much.
  10. Hello. There is a question about ACC72EX. System :UMAC Turbo (non-Power PMAC) * The master side: "RJ71DN91" (Mitsubishi IQ-R series) * The slave side: "ACC72EX" I installed setting of ACC72EX in Hilscher software (Sycon.net). Next the master side and the slave side were connected by a cable. Moreover a power supply was also supplied to the master side and the slave side. But The abnormality was confirmed like attachment picture 1 by a diagnostic program of Hilscher software. A data base doesn't seem to exist in the cause. To settle this problem. When connecting with "RJ71DN91", do I have to do some new software updates?
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