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How to let the acceleration of motor 2 to follow the acceleration of motor 1 in real time?


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I want to write a PLC or someting to do this. Take the PLC for example,when the PLC run:the acc of motor2 will be -0.5 times of the acc of motor 1, and when acc of motor 1 is 0 (and vel is 0), the motor 2 may move slowly to a good positon for next acc follow. How to do this?

Badly for your help!

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How will motors 1 and 2 be commanded to move?  Jog moves issued from the PLC?  Motion program moves, and if so, what mode, e.g. linear?

Either way, I think that cascaded loop might work for this, with motor 1 on the inner and motor 2 on the outer loop, integrated so as to be a velocity correction to motor 1.  See in the Power PMAC Users manual under the heading Cascading Servo Loops.  Motor 2 would be commanded to move as desired when motor 1 is at 0 velocity.

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