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Option to use new PDO mapping name has been set to false


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I've recently upgraded to IDE 4, and have been unable to load my project solution files, despite accepting the file upgrade.

The errors I've received are: 

Error - value cannot be null, parameter name: url

The option to use new PDO mapping name has been set to false because this project may have a program that uses existing name format. Please change the option on the property of the project to use the new format.

When I try to go to the property settings of the project within the IDE, it says there are no properties.

Any idea what this is trying to have me do and how to work around it?

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I have this error message many times. We have several project on GitLab, with many branches. After almost every merge operation, the solution cannot be open anymore with this same error message: "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: url." This message is terrible, I have no idea what is going on or what I did wrong. It doesn't seem to come from the .ppproj, I compared them before and after. I guess this is some missing files, but there arn't enough details in the message.

Do you know what I should be looking for ? 

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From your description, I might suspect you are modifying the project outside the IDE. This could cause project corruption, as the project files maintained by the IDE would not be properly updated. There is no documentation on manually editing theses files other than what the PDK’s “Build and Download” functions would provide. Note that the current version of the PDK does not have support for many of the newer IDE features (systemsetup.cfg and others) since the inception of IDE vs 4.5.


I will put a query in with the software developers on this issue.

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