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Power PMAC IDE 4.6 - Motor Definition Bug - CPU Runaway


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Is anyone else seeing a CPU leak when using the Power PMAC IDE versions 4.6.0 and 4.6.1 Motor Definition screens?

I seem to be able to trigger the issue everytime I go into the new Motor Definition screen's Commission screen and then open up the Advanced section and pick any category in the drop-down except for the original Addressing. As soon as you do this, the CPU seems to go into some kind of infinite loop behavior and the IDE will jump from using 5-15% of my CPU to about 25-35%.

Then, each time, you pick a new category from the dropdown, CPU usage will jump by another 25% until it is using 95-99% of my CPU in the task manager and then continue with that behavior even if the motor definition screens are closed. The only way to reset back to normal is to close the entire IDE application and restart. If you don't do this, with the CPU pegged at 95-99%, all the rest of the IDE functions and other Windows programs are basically getting starved and operate incredibly slowly..

I have checked and the cpu runaway behavior is there even if not connected to a controller. Just picking different categories in that Advanced section drop-down is enough to trigger the runaway behavior. Also, it doesn't matter if motor is analog or ethercat template..

The "legacy" tuning screens are still available in the latest 4.6 versions .. is there any option to enable "legacy" motor definition screens?
The rest of the IDE seems to work well but it was definitely much easier to setup a motor on the "legacy" version compared to now.

I've got a screen recording attached showing the issue. Keep an eye on the task manager in the right corner.

Is there any even more updated version of the IDE that has this resolved?

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Dear Steve.Milici.


I have problem with PowerPMAC IDE ( Sep 2020.

I Use Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, and 2019.

When i installed PowerPMAC IDE ( Sep 2020, i could not debug with visual studio 2005.

could not got into debug mode when i compile my code. (after i installed PowerPMAC IDE ( Sep 2020).


i wonder these bugs are now fixed?

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On 8/4/2023 at 2:02 AM, steve.milici said:

Dear Steve Milici.

Recently I Uninstalled PMac IDE and Setup as Admin.


After then. 

i can't open project files (Solution files) I Used with PMac IDE


When I Opened Solution Files which used with PMac IDE 4.

4.1.7 , in Solution Explorer, 

i can see only

(incompatible) The application is not installed.

So I tried to make new project.

but it failed.

the message is "C:\~~\ppproj cannot be opened because it's project type(ppproj)is not supported by this version of the application. To open it. please use a version that supports this type of project."


whit did i wrong?

si there anyway to solve this problem, please let me know.





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