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  1. Hello. I'm Using Wineows 10 Visual Studio 2019. I Used PMac IDE I Upgrade PMac IDE to i Uninstalled PMac IDE and Setup as Admin. After then. i can't open project files (Solution files) I Used with PMac IDE Actualy, It Opened but in Solution Explorer, i can see only (incompatible) The application is not installed. So I tried to make new project. but it failed. the message is "C:\~~\ppproj cannot be opened because it's project type(ppproj)is not supported by this version of the application. To open it. please use a version that supports this type of project." whit did i wrong? si there anyway to solve this problem, please let me know. Thanks.
  2. I Use PASSWORD={String} option it prevent uploading pmc files number 2001 that i downloaded. i need to redownload 2001.pmc file when i change the pmc file. but it failed to download 2001.pmc file because of using PASSWORD. So Is there anyway to downloading pmc files but prevent uploading? if there is. let me know how, please.. anyone. Thanks.
  3. Dear Steve.Milici. I have problem with PowerPMAC IDE ( Sep 2020. I Use Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, and 2019. When i installed PowerPMAC IDE ( Sep 2020, i could not debug with visual studio 2005. could not got into debug mode when i compile my code. (after i installed PowerPMAC IDE ( Sep 2020). i wonder these bugs are now fixed?
  4. Hello. I'm looking for the way to prevent upload pmc file which is downloaded to the Turbo PMac. if someone knows anyway to do that, Please let me know. Thanks.
  5. you have 1.5GB Free Memory. Make your program buffer from 100MB to 1.2GB. But if you try to download 1GB program file. it takes too much times. So i recommand use rotary Buffer for large amount of file.
  6. is there any smaple code i can get? if any, let me know please.
  7. Hello. I'm using PMac APM CPU (485). I need to sizing up my memory, because i need to download 500MB size NC-Code. After i size up memory to 510MB, Download, Save, ReBoot, WatchDog has red light, and My Power PMac doesn't working. Can't connect by PMac IDE. i tried to initialize PPMac, by taking off my Axis Control Card, Reboot. but it does not working. Is there anyway to initialize my Power PMac? I can't use pmac ide S/W Because, in PMac IDE, i can't connect to my PPMac. i ping to by CMD. it was responded. if anyone has anything solution about this, let me know, please. Thanks.
  8. Is there anyone who have thease files.? I've tried to get thease files, but it is impossible to get it. if anyone who ghave thease files, let me have it please... Thanks. Direct Access to Turbo PMAC’s Serial Port Buffers.pdfUnavailable Read Main Serial Port.pmcUnavailable Write Main Serial Port.pmcUnavailable Read Auxiliary Serial Port.pmcUnavailable Write Auxiliary Serial Port.pmc
  9. Hello. I"m Using Power PMac(UMac) I Have a program NC-code witch has three sub-programs. sub prog size is 1. 2 MB, 2. 80 MB, 3. 100 MB, each. The Problem is... It takes a lot of time for downloading sub prog. and my PMac's memory amount is only 320 MB. so i can not use sub=prog that size exceed over 300 MB(aprox) is there anyway to run program directly from usb memory or hdd of PC? Like Fanuc Controller SYstem? or Using Rotary Buffer is the only way to solve this program? If anyone has same issue of me, or know the answer about this. Please Answer me. Thanks.
  10. Hello. I'm trying to use bin rot buf. i use vs2010 and PmacSuiteSetup 7.11.86 i run bin rot buffer and gather data using by PEWIN32. after gathering data. bin rot buffer says buff is full and not moving. i aborted bin rot buffer. after that. i have an error in buffer change. my coode is if ( DeviceDPRRotBufChange(m_dwDeviceID, 0, m_nBuff_Size)<0 ) { MessageBox(_T("Binary Rotary Buffer Size Changing Error!")); return; } i've got this error message always after that. and i tried to clear in terminal (which is in the pe win32pro)\ but there is error message error07 buffer is already in use. i type close several times. and type clr again error is same. what did i do wrong. any advise. thanks.
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