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CK3A-G305L Max Voltage in VDC


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I currently have a 48V brushless motor connected and I'm supplying 1-phase 220V. The amplifier accepts inputs of 240V 3-phase, 110-240 1-phase, or 48V DC. When I select the amplifier, it requests the input voltage in "VDC". 

#1: Do I actually have to calculate VDC from VAC? The manuals were unclear about this.

I used VDC= VAC*.636 = 220*.636 =139.92VDC or ~140V as seen below.


#2: Is my understanding of this amplifier correct...am I outputting 48V DC to my motor as long as I set PwmSf correctly? 

Motor1.PwmSf = 0.95 * 16384 *  48V / 140V = 5336.5


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Yes, you would need to enter the value in VDC. This should be updated in the current IDE version to allow VAC entry. Note that the “System Setup” will configure PwmSf based on your motor database entries. If you use the “System Setup”, you would not do manual configuration, as that would be overwritten by the project on download.

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